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27 MAY 2018


Mayorga: “Cotto is a Nobody” (FULL REPORT)

Jerry Glick reporting: It was entertaining for those in attendance to watch Ricardo Mayorga do what is expected of him. He was, yet again unable to control his actions or his mouth. It is easy to pass it off by pretending that it was hype, or just a mind game that he was playing on his opponent, but there are ways to do it and limits to stay within.

I admit that I don’t speak Spanish so most of what Don King’s fighter was saying with his finger pointing at WBA Junior-middleweight Champion Miguel Cotto’s face I had to rely on the interpreter for, but there was one word that I did pick up. I won’t repeat it here because it is too demeaning to a member of Cotto’s team. Even the interpreter left that word out when he repeated the challenger’s taunts. It was uncalled for.

WBA Junior-middleweight Champion Miguel Cotto stood where others who came before him stood, in firing range, not of Mayorga’s fists, but his mouth.

Wednesday the giants of boxing Bob Arum and Don King came together in a love fest to announce at BB Kings in Times Square, NY, a joint promotion featuring the aforementioned title fight as the main event, plus ex-champ Yuri Foreman, 28-1 (8 KOs), against Pawel Wolak, 28-1 (18 KOs); and making a heartfelt return to the ring after nearly losing her life in a violent attack by her now jailed husband, Christy Martin, 49-5-3 (32 KOs), will face Dakota Stone, 9-8-4 (1 KO), looking for her 50th win as a pro. She was accompanied by famed activist attorney, Gloria Allred.

The show will take place on March 12, at The MGM Grand in Las Vegas, NV.

When it came time for the former two division champion Mayorga, 29-7-1 (23 KOs), to speak he began a verbal assault on Cotto, 35-2 (28 KOs), that was not called for, and he was unable to control his mouth even when Cotto took the microphone. Reminding him that he was quiet when the challenger was talking, Cotto was finally goaded into retaliating against the challenger. For a moment it appeared that it would come to blows. Because of Mayorga’s history, the confrontation appeared genuine.

With all this said I must point out that before the press conference started I had an opportunity to talk to the usually volatile Managua, Nicaraguan with the help of a young lady who translated for me. Mayorga was calm, not hostile, and patiently answered questions. My hope is that this was the real Ricardo Mayorga.

Mayorga said that he will knock him out because, “Personally, I don’t like him.”

He added that Cotto is not as popular as he is, “Cotto is not a boxer that’s well known. He’s known only in Puerto Rico.”

Mayorga has been very inactive. After fighting three times in 2003, winning two and losing one, he fought only two times in 2004 winning one and losing one, in 2005 he won one fight, in 2006 he was stopped by De La Hoya, he beat Vargas in 2007, stopped by Mosley in 2008 for his only outing, no fights in 2009, and a win in 2010. So can this be beneficial for an aging, 37 years old fighter, probably not. He begs to differ, “I took some vacation time,” explained Mayorga. “I did it for my family, and now I’m back in boxing.”

He believes that he can perform at peak level even after so little activity.

“It gives me desire to come back and fight again,” he explained.

During this period it should be noted that Mayorga almost always fought the best. Starting in 2001 when he fought WBA Welterweight Champion Six Heads Lewis, Mayorga fought only the best, winning some and losing some, but always the against the best. He fought Vernon Forrest, Cory Spinks, Eric Mitchell, Tito Trinidad, Michele Piccirillo, De La Hoya, Mosley, and Vargas. Tough road to travel; he just didn’t travel it too often over the years.

He fights the best, he said because he wants to.

“I like fighting against good boxers because if I lose, I lost to the best. Cotto is going to lose because he’s a nobody. I got two easy fights, first was Michael Walker and now Miguel Cotto. I will knock him out and take his belt.”

According Mayorga, Cotto just can’t be compared with his other foes. “They were all superior fighters,” said Mayorga, “and he’s a nobody so I can’t compare him to them.”

Cotto can move well, but he won’t be running, and this suits Mayorga. “Yes, I am much stronger and much faster than him so I will win. If he runs he’s going to fall, if he stands he’s going to fall.”

The talk is that Antonio margarita will be Cotto’s next opponent if he wins.

“That’s disrespectful of Cotto,” said Mayorga. “Miguel Cotto is already a nobody, and Margarito, don’t even talk about him.”

Mayorga claims that he wouldn’t be interested in fight with Margarita should he prevail against Cotto, “That would (demean) the title because he’s a nobody.”

The pick here is Cotto by stoppage in under eight rounds.



On Julio Cesar Chavez Jr…..“Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. is fighting Billy Lyle on January 29th. If he’s successful in that fight sometime in April he will fight (Sebsatian) Zbik for the world title.”

On Kelly Pavlik’s substance abuse problems….”They’re even more serious. Kelly Pavlik had a terrible substance abuse problem; thank God he realized it’s a problem. He’s undergone rehabilitation in the Betty Ford Facility. He’s now in the gym and wants to come back. Once we are sure that the rehab has taken we are going to bring him back perhaps on the Pacquiao-Mosley card.”

He added that Pavlik’s problem it limited to beer. No other drink or drugs are involved.

On 2011….”It’s going to be a good year, 2011. We’re going to see some great, great fights, and I think that the important statement that we are making here with Cotto-Mayorga, and Don King and myself promoting this fight is that the promoters have taken back the business from the networks. The networks are not promoters; promoters are promoters, and we’ve taken it back from where it’s been for the last number of years.”

On Montiel vs Donaire….”That’s a great fight, and that’s a great card. Not only is that fight a sensational fight, I can’t wait to see it, but also the rematch of Soto Karass and Mike Jones, an all action fight; that’s what people want to see. They want to see action. They don’t want to see posing and stinking out the house.”

On getting along with Don King….” (We’re getting along) very well. I respect King as a great promoter and it’s a pleasure to work with him."

On Cotto fighting Martinez….”That’s possibility, to fight Martinez, but I think Miguel would rather fight, if he’s successful here, Margarito. You got to understand that we sell fights the public will buy. Martinez is an excellent fighter……..but he hasn’t proved that he can sell anything.

***Christy is Back***

Christy Martin, the WBC Super-Welterweight Lady’s Champion will be making a triumphant return to the ring against Dakota Stone, seeking her 50th win and redemption after nearly losing her life when she was attacked by her husband who is in jail awaiting trial.

She has no residual pain from the attack during which she was stabbed numerous times and shot.

“I’m 100% physically fit and mentally strong,” said Christy. She admits that at the beginning she had anger but has been able to put it on the back burner. “It’s gone, I’m just back to being a fighter. I’m back to working hard to get into great shape on March 12. I’m with Miguel Diaz now and he’s teaching me to fight more like a pro. We’ll see the same kind of aggression but more precise. My punches will be quicker and harder Dakota is in trouble.”

Given the terrible event that put her in the hospital back on November 24, 2010, boxing has helped her to cope.

“Boxing keeps me mentally strong and keeps me focused,” said Martin with Allred standing at her side.

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