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17 NOVEMBER 2018


SecondsOut Team Pick Chavez vs. Pacquiao

Chavez vs. Pacquiao
Chavez vs. Pacquiao

One is a boxing pound for pound star of today and the other a pound for pound great of the past, both winning world titles at multiple weight classes, but that hasn’t stopped SecondsOut’s team of fearless writers from making their confident picks for a twelve round super lightweight boxing match between Julio Cesar Chavez Snr and Manny Pacquiao at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, USA.

“Not much to say, I don’t think that Chavez would have been able to keep Pacquiao off given his style. He was usually the one to seek and destroy, but if he did that with the Pac-Man it would not have been a good idea. Manny inside of four. Pacquiao W.KO.4.”
- Jerry Glick - Contributing Editor - New York City, USA

“Great fight between two of the best at super lightweight. In his prime Julio Cesar Chavez was a relentless fighting machine. Manny Pacquiao’s recent impressive fistic exploits have made him the most popular boxer in the world today. Both have many positive attributes and you can make an argument for either boxer. Ultimately, Pacquiao’s speed and eye catching combinations will secure him the win in a close and thrilling battle. Pacquiao W.12.”
- Paul Upham, Content Editor - Sydney, Australia

“This would be an awesome match-up with the continuous pressure of Chavez against the fireball of a fighter in Pacquiao. Chavez, also was a very good boxer, and had all the skills and punches to go along with his coup de grace punch, that left hook to the body. Pacquiao’s movement and style would give a lot of trouble to Chavez particularly in the early rounds. Chavez had a great chin and would be able to sustain Pac-Man’s attach but would definitely be bloodied and hurt along the way. Chavez would have success pounding Manny to the body and slowing him down and then being able to inflict his own arsenal from the middle rounds on. The fight would be dead even going into round 11, but a Chavez left hook would drop Manny. Pacquiao would get up and fight till the end on even terms, but that 11th round knockdown would be enough for Chavez to pull out a split decision. These two would have fought a few times, or more, and yet we can’t get even one Pacquiao vs. Mayweather match-up. Chavez vs. Pacquiao would have been a classic. Chavez W.SD.12.”
- James Smith aka. Smitty, Host, In This Corner TV - USA

“Chavez had a great deal of trouble with world class fighters with speed and movement, but the equalizer in those fights was Chavez’s power advantage. With Pacquiao, it would be a bit like facing Meldrick Taylor with power – not only would he fall behind, he would take a beating leaving him poorly positioned to make a comeback if he survived. It is not that Chavez is without advantages in such a contest, it is just that the price he would need to pay to use them is too big. He would probably get caught with something big he did not see coming before he would be able to get on track. Pacquiao W.KO.”
- John Lumpkin - Madison, Wisconsin, USA

“This is a true battle of the legends here. Pacquiao is the best fighter in the world today bar none. Julio Cesar Chavez once boasted similar stature during his march to ninety bouts without a loss. At first analysis, one might point out that Pacquiao’s speed could befuddle the much slower Chavez as Rocky Lockridge and Meldrick Taylor did, but both of those men employed greater movement behind their speed in the form of running tactics. Pac-Man is no runner. Chavez was very comfortable at 140 and his power was debilitating. His assault of Meldrick Taylor effectively ended the Olympic gold medalist’s career as a top fighter; it just took Taylor a little longer to figure it out. Chavez’ patience and durability would allow him to weather the early Filipino hurricane produced by Pacquiao. Pac would be landing in greater numbers, but Chavez would methodically work his way back into the fight around the fourth and begin inflicting more damage with a less dominant punch output. Unlike Hatton, Chavez could withstand the attack. Unlike like Clottey, Chavez would stand and attack and not fold up into a shell. I think evidence of the Culiacan fighter’s greatness would begin to appear upon Manny’s countenance by round eight. His look of concern would then evolve into a swollen mess by the tenth. Pacquiao may still hold the lead on some scorecards, but by the time this one is finished the momentum will belong to Chavez. Body shots drop the Filipino all-time great in the tenth. Upon regaining his footing, Pacquiao is left defenseless. The Mexican icon goes back to the body on the left side and follows it up back upstairs with a series of hooks to prompt the referee to intervene near the end of the round. Chavez W.KO.10.”
- Derek Bonnett - Connecticut, USA

“Despite Julio Cesar Chavez’s legendary status I’ve always felt he was overrated. His will and toughness were unquestionable but when he faced boxers who were quick of both hand and foot he always had trouble. His specialty was to grind out a win - relentless aggression compensated with a cast iron chin. I think Manny Pacquiao has the perfect style to befuddle Chavez over twelve rounds. For once I’m not going with the old school fighter. I think Pacquiao would beat Chavez up and win a very lopsided decision. Pacquiao W.12.”
- Matthew Hurley - Boston, USA

“This is a really tough one to pick as I believe both fighters are true legends and capable of beating almost anyone. Manny Pacquiao appears a little quicker to me while Chavez Snr perhaps the stronger of the two. If Chavez manages to keep pressure on Pac-Man for twelve rounds and it goes the distance I have to go with the Mexican but if it ends quickly maybe Manny would be the one to prefer. I go with the long version. It goes the full route with Julio Cesar Chavez Snr dictating the pace with his aggression. After twelve rounds of action like you wouldn’t believe, Chavez wins it with a tight split decision. Chavez W.SD.12.”
- Teddy Stenmark - Sweden

“You have the indestructible force of Chavez with the power and speed of Pacquiao. Mildred Taylor had Chavez soundly beat until he unwisely decided to trade shots in the last round leading to a great Chavez KO. I think Pacquiao builds up a big lead and is fast enough to avoid being worn down by Chavez’s body punches. Manny pulls it out. Pacquiao W.12.”
- Harry Rosenbluth - Los Angeles, California, USA

“Julio Cesar Chavez Snr and Manny Pacquiao would have been a barn burner. Chavez Snr is one of the greatest fighters to ever step in the ring and a true warrior. Pacquiao is making his way towards the same consideration. Chavez had way more fights overall and more fights at the junior welterweight level than Pacquiao has so far in his career. He did suffer defeats to Frankie Randall and Oscar De La Hoya which is valid ammunition to think Pacquiao would win. Yet the victories over Meldrick Taylor were also quite impressive. Pacquiao’s recent wins over De La Hoya, Hatton, Cotto, and Clottey are impressive too. I think both fighters would have their moments in this fight with a slightly more accurate Pacquiao edging out a close one on the cards. Pacquiao W.MD.12.”
- Derek Gionta - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

“This is truly a dream match-up. One is a legend and the other a future legend. Their styles would make it a Fight of the Century type of match. Chavez is the standard-bearer for the Mexican style of fighting; tenacious body puncher, good technician, relentless and tough. Chavez at his prime was a caged animal who wouldn’t be denied.
He was always coming forward and his hands were always moving. He didn’t possess one-punch KO power but he would wear you out. Some of his most notable performances include wins over Meldrick Taylor (Amazing!), Greg Haugen, Hector Camacho, Jose Luis Ramirez, Edwin Rosario, and Roger Mayweather. Pacquiao is the modern day boxing superstar who has ascended the rankings at an impossible speed. The former flyweight titleholder is now the man at 140lbs. Absolutely amazing! This was the deciding factor for me in determining this outcome. He has carried his power and speed to 140lbs. Although he doesn’t have the perfect style to beat Chavez (tall, rangy jabber with stiff power like Frankie Randall), his power and volume would win the day. Chavez would get his shots in also and may hurt Pacquiao but I just think Pacquiao is too good for Chavez. A great technician like Juan Manuel Marquez is the type of guy who gives Pacquiao fits and Chavez isn’t that type of fighter. The recipe to beat Chavez can be taken from the Meldrick Taylor fight; punch and move, stay out of Chavez’s range. Pacquiao has the footwork to do that but has to resist the urge to slug with one of boxing’s best chin. Ultimately, Pacquiao can win this fight but it’s a dangerous one for him. Pacquiao W.UD.12.”
- Tri Nguyen - Alexandria, Virginia, USA

“The version of Chavez who beat Haugen, Camacho and Taylor was one the best offensive fighters in history. He cut the ring off with almost psychic ability and the pressure he put fighters under was beyond suffocating. Pacquiao wouldn’t be able to land the A-Bombs he landed on Hatton but he could stun Chavez at any point in the fight. Unfortunately for Pac-Man the Chavez chin was granite and a stoppage win would be highly unlikely. This fight comes down to who wants it most and who can absorb the most. I think Chavez in his prime is the tougher fighter and Manny has looked vulnerable more than once. I take JC. Chavez W.KO.11.”
- Tom Gray - Motherwell, Scotland, UK




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