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18 NOVEMBER 2018


SecondsOut Team Pick Klitschko vs. Klitschko

Wladimir Klitschko vs. Vitali Klitschko
Wladimir Klitschko vs. Vitali Klitschko

This fight won’t happen in real life, so we’ll hold it at SecondsOut. It is WBC boxing world champion versus IBF/WBO/IBO boxing world champion. Knockout puncher versus knockout puncher. Brother versus brother. But that hasn’t stopped SecondsOut’s team of fearless writers from making their confident picks for a heavyweight world title match between Vitali Klitschko and Wladimir Klitschko over twelve rounds at the Commerzbank-Arena in Frankfurt, Germany.

“Lets analyze this, Vitali is the better boxer and has power, but Wladimir is younger with that huge right that is very destructive. He jabs then fires the right behind it. Although I think that Vitali has that awkward ability to keep the fight at arms length and at a measured distance to avoid getting hit, I think that eventually the big right of Wlad’s will land stopping big brother in ten. Wladimir W.KO.10.”
- Jerry Glick - Contributing Editor - New York City, USA

“Vitali Klitschko always looks more wild and unpredictable in the ring, but he gets the job done. Ever since his knockout losses, Wladimir Klitschko has not shown the same aggression of his younger days. Vitali still fights more aggressively and in the end, while it will be a very close fight, his greater come forward attacks will catch the eye of the judges. Vitali W.12.”
- Paul Upham, Content Editor - Sydney, Australia

“This would be maybe one of the most boring fights of all time. Kind of like watching paint dry. Both guys fight in a cautious manner. So having said that, I see a twelve round draw. DRAW.”
- James Smith aka. Smitty, Host, In This Corner TV - USA

“If Wladimir and Vitali fought each other today, I would pick Wladimir to win. The reason is simply that he appears to be a little more fluid, quicker and nimble than Vitali at this stage in their careers. These advantages would help him stay out of harm’s way and put him in position to land better punches. Vitali could easily win this bout as there is little question he can take a better shot and he tends to throw more punches. Pace and distance would play an important role in this bout. The messier and more aggressive the fight is, the more Vitali is likely to win. If the fight is fought on the outside and becomes a contest of jabs and positioning, Wladimir will have the advantage. Since both fighters tend to fight this way out of the gates, Wladimir should have the edge and would likely win a decision. Wladimir W.12.”
- John Lumpkin - Madison, Wisconsin, USA

“It is absolutely correct that this fight will never happen. The real question is, why would anyone want to see this? Neither Klitschko brother would look to make this an even remotely interesting contest outside of the novelty of brother versus brother. Believe me. That novelty would wear off soon after the pre-fight instructions. Both would fight cautiously and neither would inflict damage upon the other. It would be an exhibition at best. In fact, I would expect a pre-packaged verdict. This one ends in a draw. What would be more interesting is this: The Brothers K use this fight as a ruse to lure David Haye into attendance. Once Haye is seated ringside, the burly gentlemen from the Klitschko camps can force the Haye-Maker into the ring for all of the Haye-Wagon to see the truth once and for all. Once they are joined by Haye inside of the ring, the brothers can take turns bludgeoning the two-division champion. Personally, I would like to see a tag-team format utilized just to extend the novelty of the evening. Wlad could set up the knockdown and Vitali could put on the final touches. If Haye can survive, then they can switch off their roles for a great evening of entertainment. Otherwise, Wlad-Vitali would bore us to tears and have us screaming for a re-run of Bash Ali-Bobby Czyz. DRAW.”
- Derek Bonnett - Connecticut, USA

“Yeah, they’re the two best heavyweights in the world, and the two best of the post-Lewis era. But this isn’t tennis. This isn’t the Williams’ sisters. This is boxing. Breaking their mother’s heart aside, the idea of watching brothers who are obviously close of heart try to smash each other into brief unconsciousness is a queasy prospect. The other possibly were it somehow to come to reality would be a total dud: two guys cautiously trying to outbox his blood foe without hurting him. But in an alternate reality? This - along with Pacquiao vs. Mayweather - would be the fight that put boxing back on the sports culture map. And what’s more, they’re perfectly matched for a thriller. In a duel that’d pitch Wladimir’s skill and speed advantages versus Vitali’s tenacious will and strength edge, I think it would come down to the sturdier Vitali bullying his younger brother by the later rounds softening him up for the late TKO. Vitali W.TKO.11.”
- Sean Waisglass - Canada

“I believe Vitali is a bit nastier and more durable to be honest. His chin holds up better for punches, and his jab is just as good as Vladimir’s. Wladimir might be a little bit better boxer but Klitschko the older appears tougher in some way. Can’t explain why but I have a feeling he would never break against his kid brother. I would put my money on him for sure. The only thing that speaks for Klitschko Jr is the fact that he is younger and perhaps a little bit fresher as an athlete. Still the old one gets my vote on points over twelve rounds even though Wladimir shown vulnerability in the past. I believe he is man enough to stand up against his big brother for twelve full rounds though, Vitali won’t knock him out, just torture him slightly enough to steal the verdict. Vitali W.12.”
- Teddy Stenmark - Sweden

“I think Vitali will come out victorious in this one. Wladimir has a weak chin and lacks the killer instinct. Vitali has a strong chin and knows how to finish a man off, he isn’t tentative. It wouldn’t be the most exciting fight with 2 big men jabbing and randomly throwing the right hand, only difference is that when Vitali’s lands Wladimir will have no answer! Vitali W.TKO.5.”
- Lwazi Ndzobongo - South Africa

“Vitali outclasses his younger brother with a better chin, a higher work rate, and a grittier attack. Wladimir takes punishment from Vitali and spends too much time covering up and waiting to land his right hand. Vitali by wide decision. Vitali W.12.”
- Harry Rosenbluth - Los Angeles, California, USA

“I think this would be a very interested fight and one I would buy for sure. I think Vitali would be in complete control of this fight from round one. I think Wladimir would land some good shots, but Vitali’s chin would withstand his blows and a discouraged Wladimir would get stopped in round nine. Vitali W.KO.9.”
- Ray Kilgore - Minneapolis, MN, USA

“I think a sparring session between these two, at half speed, would be more entertaining than most of their recent fights. You can’t blame the Klitschko’s for their dominance and have to respect what they’ve done. You can’t blame their opponents for taking their best shot at the heavyweight crown. Wladimir and Vitali promised a while back that they would never fight each other, and have held that promise. If the two were to ever meet, it would be a good fight. Wladimir is clearly the more skilled fighter and the better athlete and Vitali is the tougher of two, proving his chin and powerful punch his entire career. I think a close, cautious, fight would turn into a TKO victory for Vitali as his younger brother would have trouble absorbing his punching power. Vitali W.TKO.10.”
- Derek Gionta - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

“This fight promises to be the snoozer of the century! I’d rather watch reruns of Gilligan’s Island - that would provide more potential for violence. Two cautious jabbers who always look for the easy decision victory. Their styles are identical although Vitaly seems to have a small edge in aggressive nature. He at least tries to create opportunities to land hard shots, whereas Wladimir just looks to land the jab. Both guys are smart fighters who know how to use their considerable height and reach advantage, so their fights are usually mismatches. Can you imagine if these guys had Mike Tyson’s aggressive tendencies? One can only dream of such boxing utopia. In the meantime, I’ll continue watching Wladimir’s fights if I have trouble sleeping at night. I see this fight ending in a draw, with each brother winning alternating rounds, as per mother’s orders. DRAW.”
- Tri Nguyen - Alexandria, Virginia, USA

“This is a great idea for a fantasy match-up. I’m a fan of neither but I’ll state the obvious. Wladimir has more skill and better technique, whilst Vitali is tougher and more resilient. I feel that Vitali can absorb Wladimir’s shots because he took the best Lennox Lewis had to offer whereas Wladimir has been stopped more than once. You’ve got to assume that big shots will land in this fight and I’ll go with the brother who has the better chin and fighting guts. Vitali W.KO.6.”
- Tom Gray - Motherwell, Scotland, UK




DRAW = 3

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