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17 NOVEMBER 2018


SecondsOut Team Picks: Wladimir Klitschko Vs David Haye

After more than two years of insults and one blaming the other for the fight not happening, IBF/WBO and IBO heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko and WBA king David Haye, finally get to trade punches instead of insults at the Imtech Stadium in Hamburg, Germany on Saturday night.

SecondsOut’s fearless army of writers once again put their reputations on the line to predict the outcome of the heavyweight fight of the year.

It would be easy to sit on the fence on this one, Haye early or Klitschko late. I see a very slow and at times boring chess match like fight where neither man will commit for a few rounds in the hope the other makes a mistake. Haye does have a very real chance of causing an upset here but I feel Klitschko will revert to type and jab,jab and jab even more before wearing Haye down late on.

Klitschko tko 10
Clive Bernath
Editor In Chief

The Dark Lord Adam Booth keeps bringing up these unexpected tactics in the big fights and might also have something up his sleeve for this. Most expect Haye to come flying out of the traps, trying to land those big single bombs but I’ve got a sneeky feeling he might try and box Wladimir for a few rounds. Either way, I can’t see it being a tactic that pays too many dividends. I think Wladimir will negate his game plan by out-jabbing him and then when Haye gets frustrated and tries to open up, the giant Ukrainian will close the show with a right hand that leaves the Brit reclining on the canvas with birds spinning around his head.

Klitschko ko 8
Andrew Wake
Huddersfield, England

Haye has talked a good fight but I think he is too small for Klitschko. Plus I feel he doesn’t have a heavyweight chin. It may be an exciting fight with Haye having power but he will have to get inside Klitschko’s long arms, with that he will have to take chances, that’s where I feel he will get caught. Klitschko is angry like I’ve never seen him before and I believe he is focused to defend his title as best heavyweight in the world.

Klitschko tko 5
Andy Rivera
New Mexico

Haye has yet to look overly impressive as a Heavyweight. It seems like it’s time for a changing of the guard but I don’t know that Haye is the one to knock Klitschko off the throne. He’ll have his moments though. It should be the most competitive Klitschko fight since his first encounter with Sam Peter. It wouldn’t shock me if Haye has a lead late in the fight, but ultimately the size disparity will catch up to him.

Klitschko ko 10
David Lopez
Downey, California

I have never seen this as the heavyweight mega-fight it has been built up as. I hope I am wrong. David Haye looked like an exciting, but vulnerable cruiserweight champion given his punch, questionable stamina, and reachable chin. I didn’t see this as quite the recipe for heavyweight success when Wladimir Klitschko reigned supreme among the big men in the sport. Haye failed to impress me in the Monte Barrett and Nicolay Valuev fights and has been largely inactive against dangerous opposition even if you count a faded John Ruiz. I am thinking this bout may turn into a replay of Henry Akinwande’s KO of Jeremy Williams. Klitschko’s reach and use of the jab will always come in handy. I think we’ll see early on that Haye is not willing to jump on Wlad and that jab will move him more than he’s accustomed to. If Wlad can land a well placed right hand behind a jab or two, I think we’ll see Haye on wobbly legs. The less respect Wlad shows Haye in the ring, the more productive he will be. I think it’s going to be a short night.

Klitschko ko 2.
Derek Bonnett

This fight is more about what Haye can do than Klitschko, we all know Dr K & we know he won’t change much of his jab & right hand approach. Can Haye keep away & be effective at the same time? I don’t think so, he has a chance early on to ruffle Dr K’s feathers but the longer it goes, the more Dr K will use his tools to get the better of Haye & end the fight.

Klitschko tko 8
Lwazi Ndzobongo
Cape Town
South Africa

Finally a heavyweight fight where the winner is not predetermined. Yet, I expect a result almost similar to what we are used to from Wladimir Klitschko. David Haye will have to hope for a combination of things (no pun intended) to come together in order to defeat Klitschko. The mind games and trash-talking could possibly affect Wladimir to the point where he fights more aggressively than usual; this gives Haye the opportunity to use his speed and agility to attempt to catch Klitschko making a mistake. It’s hard to envision Haye controlling the pace of the fight unless he can force a rumble. It’s also hard to see Wladimir falling into that trap, but if there’s one fighter with enough ability and fire to make it happen, it is Haye. Ultimately, I expect the pace to be slow early on with Haye having a few moments, and Klitschko getting better as the fight goes on, find his jab and dominate the second half of the fight to win by unanimous decision.

Klitschko UD 12
José Santana Jr.
Cleveland, Ohio

This should be a good fight, I think the speed of David Haye will get him through this one. He is younger than Klitschko, but will have to stay busy and have good movement if he wants to avoid the Klitschko power punch. I think David Haye will win this fight and I am looking for this fight to end in a TKO in the seventh round in favor of David Haye.

Haye tko 7
Ron Valderamma

Everything tells me that Klitschko will pole-axe Haye with that jab early and drive this bout into the familiar Wladdy pattern - jab, jab, clinch. jab, jab, right hand, knock him out late. He’s better technically, he’s bigger, he’s on a long, impressive winning streak... But something keeps digging at me and I think we’re in for an upset. I’m going with Haye by fourth round knockout. I think his speed of foot is really going to bother Klitschko and allow him to get in, pot shot to the body early, and get out. Then, Wlad gets careless during one of those attacks and BOOM! Big right hand over the top and Haye is the new champion. I’ll go with my gut this time.

Haye ko4
Matthew Hurley
Boston, MA

Haye has a shot, but I think that as other opponents who thought they could handle Wlad, he too will find the going too tough. Klitschko has that big jab that hides an even bigger right that he uses so effectively. Haye will be a little harder to find with it but Klitschko should turn the trick and land it. He may not get the KO, but the big Ukrainian will get Haye’s attention and respect.

Klitschko pts
Jerry Glick
New York


Finally the heavyweight division offers us a fight that should remind us of why this was the premiere division in this sport, and of all sports. David Haye, like many heavyweight fighters, feels that Wladimir is the weaker link of the two-headed monster. However, I feel that Haye spent too much time focusing on Wlad’s losses than focusing on the fact that he is a much different fighter. I don’t feel Haye would travel to Germany to collect a paycheck. He will make it interesting, but his game plan and confidence will be drained when he tastes Wlad’s jab. The bigger man will soften him up, punish him, and knock him out in violent fashion

Klitschko KO 7
Jason Pribila, Bethlehem,


Klitschko tko 9
Mark Livitz


I have always had the same call for this fight and that is a quick finish for David Haye. Too many people have invested in the Valuev fight where David was a foot shorter, 100lbs lighter and elected to box cautiously. If you look at the bulk of Haye’s career you will notice he is a chin checker who looks to end matters. Klitschko has dimension advantages but they are not decisive and David’s ability to close the gap is being seriously overlooked. The big Ukranian has seen nothing like Haye in terms of athleticism and explosiveness, so for me, he will be shocked quickly by the power and the result will send shockwaves through the sport. I just hope The Hayemaker keeps his guard up after the stoppage because older brother Vitali is liable to fly for his throat when the fight is over.

Haye tko 3
Tom Gray

David Haye may be the best opponent Wladimir has fought in years. He may actually put up a fight. But I just don’t see him getting inside that long jab of the younger Klitschko. If he does, he has to deal with that thunderous right hand. For the sake of boxing, I hope David Haye can turn it into an inside fight, where his best chance is to throw short punches and make it a fight. We all know Wladimir isn’t a fighter. He’s a boxer. David Haye as a heavyweight belt holder would make the division interesting for the first time since Lennox Lewis. Unfortunately, Wladimir will dictate the fight with his jab and win a decision.

Klitschko pts 12
Tri Nguyen


Wladimir Klitschko and David Haye have had quite the build-up leading up to their IBF/IBO/WBO/WBA heavyweight unification bout. They seem to really dislike one another and have each vowed to score a knockout. That usually means we’re all in for a dull fight. I don’t expect a dull fight, but it probably won’t be the barn burner many expect. I see Klitschko winning a decision or scoring a late stoppage over the very capable Haye. Haye’s only chance of winning is to score a knockout. It could happen, but I’m not expecting to see it on this day."

Klitschko W TKO 10
Derek Gionta

Beware of waking the sleeping giant. I know David Haye likes to yap and sell himself and this fight, but he may have taken it a bit too far for his own well being. Ali could talk the talk, but Ali could fight the fight. Haye is athletic and has a shot. I was ringside in 2004 when Lamon Brewster stopped Wladimir in the fifth round. nce a weak chin always a weak chin. By the way we really don’t know about the Haye chin either. Remember he was stopped by Carl Thompson also in 2004 and also in round five.

The difference in this fight will be the fact that under the guidance of Emanuel Steward Wladimir has become a very skilled fighter and get maximum production out of his fistic tools. I believe Klitschko will win this fight with via TKO between 6 and 9. But I’m kind of hoping for it to go the other way.

Klitschko tko
James Smith aka Smitty

Klitschko= 13

Haye= 3

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