ATE: Mayweather-Mosley, Pacquiao-Clottey, Super Six, Next for Hatton, Haye-Klitschkos, Mundine and More

Floyd Mayweather Jr
Floyd Mayweather Jr
In today’s edition of Ask The Editor (ATE), we dissect the Floyd Mayweather Jr vs. Shane Mosley match, look closer at the role Joshua Clottey will play against Manny Pacquiao and talk about Allan Green entering the Super Six. We contemplate Ricky Hatton’s next fight, talk more about David Haye’s chances against the Klitschko brothers, track where Anthony Mundine is headed and more.

Name : Wayne Lord
Country : Canada
Your Question :
What is your opinion on Poultry Boy Fraud Mayweather vs. Shane Mosley? I have added a moniker for his PBF. I am so tired of his blind fans getting so excited. I read articles where they are saying Manny Pacquiao is forcing Joshua Clottey to meet him on short notice when in fact he was training to meet Carlos Quintana in Dec. I feel they are feeling the same frustration we feel cuz all Fraud has done is tease about possible fights but never make them. He mentions Mosley’s name and suddenly, his fans are saying: “see, he is not a ducker. He is facing Mosley and Manny would not.” Excusez-moi! Manny has been under 130 for the prior 4-6 years. He has only recently moved up because he was called out by bigger guys. Conversely, Poultry Boy has been a welter for years and his name is the only one missing from the elite welter list. They have all fought each other one or more times: Margarito, Quintana Williams, Clottey, Cintron, Mosley and Cotto. But when a guy actually crashes your party on national TV and call you a Howard The Duck, you gotta fight him. That is the most direct challenge ever. What did Poultry Boy Fraud do? Nothing! And as we debate...still nothing. The self proclaimed G.O.A.F looked spooked and did NADA! Finally, let me address the enigma of Poultry Boy. He has a target on his back because of his 0, not because he is exciting. I used to love him at 130 and maybe also at 135 but since then he has become a boring cherry picker. He is KFC’s most wanted because he is prime chicken. Everybody wants to be the one to erase that 0 but he keeps hopping away like the chicken he is. Until he gets in the ring with Mosley and the fight really begins we can expect to see chicken fingers defend his feather-weight title against lighter, older has-beens. He will never fight a top 5 welter because he is afraid of being plucked. Yes I said the word plucked!...and losing his dignity! By the way, I feel Mosley has the size, speed and power to hurt Poultry Boy. Like Super Roy did vs. Toney, he will not fall for the shoulder roll. He will viciously attack the body and not fall for that.

CLIVE BERNATH ANSWERS: Don’t hold back, Wayne will you? I’ve been lucky enough to watch Floyd up close, both in the ring and the gym and in my humble opinion he’s one of the most complete and dedicated fighters I’ve ever seen. I also loved to watch Floyd work at 130 and 135 and agree to some extent that he has cherry picked at the higher weights, but lets be honest and I keep saying this, boxing is a business, maximum financial reward for minimum risk. Floyd is not the only fighter to cherry pick fights, all the top fighters do. Name me one that doesn’t once they’ve established super fight status? How many fighters around welterweight and junior middle have called out Paul Williams? If anyone should be in the mix with the Pacquiao’s Mosley’s and Mayweather’s of this world it should be Williams, but I don’t see anyone rushing to call him out. Why? Because he’s too much of a risk. Lastly, any man or women that gets in the ring is no chicken.

PAUL UPHAM ANSWERS: Not a fan of Floyd Mayweather Jr, are you Wayne. Agreed, Mayweather has to take some of the heat for his fight with Pacquiao not flying. But I don’t mind him fighting Mosley. It should have happened earlier in their careers, but at least we are getting it now. The winner fights Pacquiao, if he gets by Clottey. That will make for a good year.

MICHAEL NORBY ANSWERS: Good grief, Wayne. Why don’t you tell us how you really think! Personally, I think Mosley has a wonderful chance at defeating Mayweather in May – much more of a chance than Clottey has against Pacquiao. I give Floyd a lot of credit for taking this fight and it’s a fight I can’t wait to watch.

JERRY GLICK ANSWERS: Hi Wayne, I am not too sure if there was a question there but I must agree that there is some truth to what you say about Floyd, but there are things that you are a little off base on. Keep in mind that Mayweather has faced Oscar, Zab, and Hatton, three of the most respected names in and around that weight class when he fought them. He beat them all. No, he did not destroy them as does Pacquiao, but that is not his style, it is the Pac-Man’s though. Mayweather is a great fighter no matter how you see him. He is cut from the same mould as Ray Robinson, Ray Leonard, and Ali. Manny is the pound for pound best fighter and Floyd is pound for pound the best boxer. It may very well be Ali vs. Frazier all over again when they finally meet. They WILL meet. As for his fight with Mosley, I see the younger, faster Mayweather winning. Mosley has similar tools, but Floyd’s are better and younger.

Name : Paul White
Country : Australia
Your Question :
Hello again fellas. It’s not so much of a question, it’s more of a thought. Could Joshua Clottey be the bogeyman for Manny Pacquiao? This is a really tough fight for both guys. Joshua is a seriously good fighter and has nothing to lose. I hope that any distractions from the Floyd fiasco don’t interrupt Manny’s prep. Manny is obviously on the biggest high right now, but could this lead to a touch of complacency? We hope not because deep down we want to see Manny and Floyd and I think THAT could be an easier fight for Manny. Could Joshua be what Leon was to Ali? Time will tell. Beware the underdog.

CLIVE BERNATH ANSWERS: Good question, Paul I thought the same thing. Manny has fought three super fights in a row now and may just be too complacent against Clottey. Having said that Manny is a true pro and Freddie Roach will not allow him to become complacent. No, Manny’s in his prime now and I won’t be betting against him.

PAUL UPHAM ANSWERS: At this level, every fight is dangerous. You are only as good as your last fight. Of course Clottey has a chance to defeat Pacquiao. But if Manny is as great as many think he is, he will find a way to win. A loss and Pacquiao falls back to the pack. If Pacquiao is going to fight Mayweather this year, he must beat Clottey.

MICHAEL NORBY ANSWERS: Clottey is a big, strong welterweight and he certainly has an outside chance to upset the apple cart next month in Texas. I wouldn’t put money on it, though. Pacquiao has been feasting on bigger guys recently and I think he’ll pull through pretty handily against Clottey.

JERRY GLICK ANSWERS: This is boxing and anything is possible. What will probably happen is Clottey, stationary in front of Pacquiao, takes a beating. He is tough, and confident but that will keep him in front of Manny trading his slower punches with Pac-Man’s faster punches. I don’t think it will be a late night for Pacquiao. Comparing Spink’s upset of Ali with Pacquiao-Clottey is not a good comparison. Ali was well past the end of his even decent fighting ability. He beat Neon Leon in the rematch from memory, not ability.

Name : Gregoire Lemarchand
Country : France
Your Question :
I just want to say how dismayed I am about the Allan Green-Andre Ward match-up in the Super Six. I mean, who picked Green, and why apart from him being American and this being one way to ensure Ward reaches the semis without any problems? Green lost to Miranda, and no-one would even consider Miranda for the Super Six given he’s lost to Ward and Abraham (twice). If it’s supposed to be the best six super-middles then why is Green in there, other than because his promoter has influence? There’s Bika, Bute, Pavlik, even Williams, who are far more worthy than Green. Would you agree he’s been picked for nothing other than being American?

CLIVE BERNATH ANSWERS: I see your point Gregoire. Green is promoted by DiBella Entertainment so it made sense to replace stable mate Jermain Taylor. And it does make sense to replace an American with another American. After all, Showtime are bank rolling the Super Six.

PAUL UPHAM ANSWERS: Of course, Showtime were always going to want another American boxer to replace Jermain Taylor, when he pulled out of the tournament. Green was meant to be in a fight-off with Sakio Bika, but Bika couldn’t get his U.S. visa renewed in time. Bika would have steamrolled over Green, but it never happened. That’s not Green’s fault. He gets the chance now and must make the most of it. As much as I am enjoying the Super Six concept, as long as Lucian Bute is out there winning, there will be a question mark as to whether the winner really is the best 168lbs boxer in the world.

MICHAEL NORBY ANSWERS: I’m sure that being American didn’t hurt the approval process for Green in this, Gregoire. Still, though, he has rattled off a half dozen wins since his loss to Miranda and I actually think he brings something to the tournament. It’ll be interesting to see how he does against Ward, who looked terrific against Kessler last time out. I personally would have liked Bika to step in and ruffle a few feathers but the tournament continues with Green and he has a great opportunity now.

JERRY GLICK ANSWERS: I think he has proven his toughness and earned his place by being a good fighter, not for being an American. Why him over others? Other than Bute, no one you mentioned is any more qualified. Bika had travel problems that kept him out of a showdown with Green, Pavlik has shown that he is best at 160, and Williams has not proven himself as a super-middleweight either.

Name : Ian Benson
Country : Canada
Your Question :
Hi guys, a couple of questions. First, Ricky Hatton, having decided he wants to come back and assuming he is not risking his health, which I would hate to happen. Then, how about a kind of redemption fight which could serve two ends, I’m speaking of the chance for both Ricky and Junior Witter. I realise it’s a bit after the expiry date in some ways, but just maybe it could get both guys up and give the fans a farewell to both, and i think Brit TV would buy it. Second point, assuming David Haye can deliver the punch he landed on Nico Valuev late in the last round, what do you think of a pressure and move fight chance of Dave beating both Klitschko’s, one has a weak chin we know and big brother Vitali looked really tired and slow last time out.

CLIVE BERNATH ANSWERS: Ian, I’d like to see Hatton vs. Witter being a Brit, but not sure it makes financial sense for Ricky. It does for Junior, but like I said in the first question, money talks. Oh, and if David Haye hits anyone with the clout he did Valuev, they will go.

PAUL UPHAM ANSWERS: Hatton-Witter would be interesting, but I don’t see Ricky taking that fight. He wants someone who comes to him. Haye has the power to knockout Wladimir Klitschko, who has been taking out before, but I don’t see Haye beating Vitali Klitschko. He is too awkward and hard to hit with that height and reach.

MICHAEL NORBY ANSWERS: Hatton vs. Witter was never really that fresh to begin with, Ian. Now, it’s so far past its sell by date that it has been featured on an upcoming episode of Discovery Channel’s great documentary series Life After People. With Haye, of course, if he is able to land enough big shots he has a chance to defeat either Klitschko but I think that the brothers are just too good for him.

JERRY GLICK ANSWERS: Hi Ian. A Hatton-Witter fight sounds like an option. As for Haye, he could pull it off but will he? Maybe, but probably not. The Klitschkos remain hard to beat. In a few years they won’t be.
Name : Naeem Hussain
Country : United Kingdom
Your Question :
Hi fellas, hope you’re all well. I would like your opinions on a couple of things. First, the recent bout between Vitali Klitschko and Kevin Johnson. I can’t begin to tell you how frustrated I was seeing yet another overweight, out of shape, passive, lazy heavyweight put absolutely no effort into the biggest fight of his career. No prizes for guessing who I’m referring to. Watching the fight, my brother noted that between rounds 3 and 9, Johnson threw 3 right hands. You can’t take someone’s title away with a jab. He may as well have worn 16 oz gloves and headgear. The only positive thing about Johnson’s performance was that he made Vitali miss a lot. He just seemed to forget to throw punches. I’ll eagerly await the next over hyped, plodding heavy who will stand there and let Klitschko tee off on him. The next topic I’d like your thoughts on is David Haye’s chances should a fight with Vitali come about. Watching the Johnson bout, Klitschko seemed slower than before and a little frustrated by Kevin’s negativity. I think Haye would have to use intelligent aggression and smart defensive tactics to give him the best chance to beat the Ukrainian. Vitali doesn’t fight nearly as well going backwards; Corrie Sanders had him looking noticeably uncomfortable and backing up in straight lines when he attacked. Haye has to be active, mobile, and strike early and hard to get Klitschko’s respect and not let him control the ring. Going out on a limb here, I think Haye has a good chance at flooring or even stopping him. Although not as heavy handed as Lennox Lewis, David hits faster and with no warning, and as they say, it’s the shots you don’t see that knock you out. Haye has prodigious power; no one has come close to rocking Valuev the way he did. And with a cuffing left as well, not even a full blooded shot. I truly hope the fight will be made. What are your thoughts gentlemen?

CLIVE BERNATH ANSWERS: Naeem, I do agree what you say about Kevin Johnson, but let’s not forget David Haye vs. Nikolay Valuev was one of the worst heavyweight title fights of all time. Let’s face it, neither man threw many punches of note all night. I think if David hits anyone flush they will go. Equally, David gets hit on the chin by a reasonably hard hitting heavyweight he will be doing a funny dance.

PAUL UPHAM ANSWERS: Naeem, you were bored with Kevin Johnson? So was Vitali. These heavyweights think they have to combat size and weight with the Klitschkos. Wrong, speed and fitness is the key if you don’t have the natural size. Vitali would be inspired for a fight with David Haye and if the tall champion is fit and healthy, he wins. Haye could knock out Wladimir Klitschko if he lands on the chin, but not Vitali.

MICHAEL NORBY ANSWERS: Talking about crap heavyweight fights, did you happen to catch a glimpse of Haye vs. Valuev? Of course Haye has a chance, but he’s not the heavyweight that Vitali Klitschko is who, I may add, can punch a bit himself. I’d choose Klitschko by stoppage.

JERRY GLICK ANSWERS: Good to hear from you again Naeem. You have good insights. I think that Vitali fights only as well as he needs to. Your assessment on the Johnson fight is good, but Vitali will need to do more against Haye. Haye’s advantage is speed and mobility. If that works he will win, but Vitali is a smart boxer. He has a way of staying away just far enough to not take too many shots. Will it work against Haye? We shall see.

Name : Barnaby Chesterman
Country : Italy
Your Question :
Ok, I’m confused. Can someone explain to me why Kelly Pavlik pulled out of his fight with Paul Williams only to be fine to climb into the ring only two weeks later against Miguel Esposito? And as a side issue, if Taylor had pulled out of the Super Six, how about replacing him with Williams?

CLIVE BERNATH ANSWERS: Hi Barnaby. As far as I can remember the fight was postponed twice due to an injury to Pavlik’s hand then the fight just never happened after that, then Pavlik fought Esposito. I just hope Paul Williams gets a big fight soon.

PAUL UPHAM ANSWERS: At face value, it looks kind of suspicious, doesn’t it? Lets see if Williams and Pavlik meet in 2010. If it doesn’t happen, you may have your answer. It seems Top Rank have been extremely conservative with Pavlik’s opposition since he lost to Bernard Hopkins. I want to see Paul Williams dominate at middleweight and junior middleweight, prior to him going up to super middleweight. Lets not rush him.

MICHAEL NORBY ANSWERS: Pavlik had a legit hand injury and infection and Williams got fed up waiting around it seems and subsequently almost lost his way against Sergio Martinez who Pavlik is now negotiating with for a bout in the spring. Williams would have been an interesting addition to Super-Six, but Allan Green has already been chosen as a replacement for Jermain Taylor.

JERRY GLICK ANSWERS: Williams has been more active as a middleweight, junior-middleweight and a welterweight, not as a super-middleweight. Pavlik had an injury so he pulled out of the Williams fight. I too thought his recovery was mighty fast for a fight with Esposito.

Name : David Beckett
Country : United Kingdom
Your Question :
Looking at the list of previous Prospects of the Year winners, I wondered what had happened to Roman Greenberg. He seemingly disappeared off the radar after his first defeat and is ranked a lowly No.56 by the IBO. Is he the most disappointing prospect? Also, what do you make of Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.? He seems to be learning his trade in fights he’s nailed on to win and will be 50-0 by the time he can throw a meaningful combination! Is it a case of a guy boxing because his Dad was a great and, if he wasn’t the son of JC Superstar, would have been dumped by the networks years ago?

CLIVE BERNATH ANSWERS: Hi David. Roman last fought in August 2008, when he was stopped by Cedric Boswell inside two rounds. He has been a huge disappointment for me because I remember him as a young fresh faced 17 year-old that turned up in the gym and turned seasoned pros on their heads in sparring. He was a fine prospect but unfortunately lacked the inner steel and determination to succeed. He’s back in Israel now. I’m told he’s in the gym but not in serious training. Spot on with Chavez Jnr in my opinion.

MICHAEL NORBY ANSWERS: I think it’s fair to say that Greenberg did not live up to his billing and certainly he has not done his immense talents justice thus far. At 27-years-old, he is still relatively young, especially for a heavyweight, he just needs to get his head in the game it seems. Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. is definitely still in the mix because of his dad’s name and the loyal following that he enjoys because of it. I can’t imagine that he’ll make any real waves among the upper tier of fighters in his division – he’s really not that good.

JERRY GLICK ANSWERS: Last I heard is that Greenberg will be back. JCC Jr looks pretty good, but untested. After he clears up some juicing accusations I think he will be in NY to face a better opponent.

Name : Danny Johnson
Country : Australia
Your Question :
SO, as I suspected he would, Anthony Mundine has found a way out of having to rematch Daniel Geale by relinquishing the IBO middleweight title he took in controversial circumstances from the Tasmanian in 2009 and I can’t say I am the least bit surprised. After all, who has Mundine actually beaten that can be taken half way seriously by the public? A weight drained Danny Green with a crook back, an American fighter by the name of Antwun Echols who had already been beaten up by Bernard Hopkins years previously or maybe even a tiny little Sam Soliman? When is this joke of a man going to travel to the United States and fight somebody who CAN fight and who will beat him and easily? Jermain Taylor would knock his head off, Kelly Pavlik would chop him down like a tree and they are to name but two who would slaughter Mundine. There are any amount of fighters in America and beyond who would mince him and, frankly, the sooner somebody beats him good and properly the sooner he will disappear in to obscurity where he belongs.

PAUL UPHAM ANSWERS: Danny, there are a lot of people who will agree with you. That Mundine has not gone on to fight in the USA in a big match, is disappointing. After Pavlik lost to Hopkins, I thought Mundine could beat him, but Top Rank are not going to put him in with someone like Mundine now. Mundine probably doesn’t want to go to Germany again. He either puts up huge money to bring a world champion to Australia, or makes the Green rematch. Mundine’s best wins were over Antwun Echols and Danny Green. He fought very well as a novice in the first few rounds against Sven Ottke, though he went on to be knocked out. If he doesn’t get another big international fight before the end of his career, some people could accurately say that his talent went unfulfilled.

MICHAEL NORBY ANSWERS: Well, Danny, I don’t think too many people would queue up to see Mundine here in the U.S, to be honest. He can sell tickets in Australia and seems to be happy just moonwalking through the flotsam and jetsam hanging around 160.

JERRY GLICK ANSWERS: Mundine is one of those guys, I think, who fights up to the ability of his opposition. He might look bad against one foe and better against another. Against the upper echelon, "A" fighters, I think he will fall short.
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