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ATE: Pacquiao-Cotto Final Thoughts, Pacquiao-Chavez, Ndou-Hatton, Haye-Valuev, More Beating Ali, WBC F-Bomb and More

Manny "Pac-Man" Pacquiao:
Manny "Pac-Man" Pacquiao:
In today’s edition of Ask The Editor (ATE), we give our final thoughts on this Saturday’s Manny Pacquiao-Miguel Cotto super fight, look at a dream Manny Pacquiao-Julio Caesar Chavez match and preview Friday night’s Lovemore Ndou-Matthew Hatton battle. We review the David Haye-Nikolay Valuev match from all angles, talk more about who could defeat Muhammad Ali at his best, drop some WBC F-Bombs and more.

Name : Ricky Nelson
Country : USA
Your Question :
It’s Pacquiao-Cotto finally and I can’t wait for this battle. While I agree that Manny Pacquiao is a worthy favourite, I can see that Miguel Cotto has a serious chance of winning. How does the team see it?

CLIVE BERNATH ANSWERS: With the way my predictions are going lately, Ricky I’m the last person to ask, LOL. You can’t dismiss Manny’s speed and power and I’m sure those will cause Cotto problems early on, but I do feel Cotto’s extra natural strength could prove too much late on. Having said that, this is a great evenly matched fight and could go right to the wire. I’m really looking forward to it.

PAUL UPHAM ANSWERS: For me, this is a fight where it is the best boxer on the night. There are so many variables. After Pacquiao beat Oscar De La Hoya and Ricky Hatton so convincingly, I said I would tip Pac-Man to win until he loses. I think Cotto will be tougher than De La Hoya and Hatton, but I will take Pacquiao to win over the distance. I don’t question Cotto’s skills or talent, I question whether he can still win if Pacquiao busts open one of those eye cuts that we have seen in recent times. Great fight, Cotto will win some rounds, but in the end, Pacquiao will be just a little better.

MICHAEL NORBY: I agree with you, Ricky. I think Manny’s speed will be a huge factor but Cotto is not a drained De La Hoya or as undisciplined as Hatton and I think he’ll be a handful to say the least. I think Pacquiao will win on points, or perhaps a late stoppage, but I’m expecting a great fight.

JERRY GLICK ANSWERS: I am not sure how my fellow SecondsOuters see it, but I am picking Cotto by decision. He will use boxing skill when he has to and fight when he has to.

Name : Johnnie Mathers
Country : USA
Your Question :
Originally, I was picking Manny Pacquiao to win, but after seeing all the chaos in Team Pacquiao on 24/7, I’m going with Cotto now. Miguel has way too much focus and discipline to be spooked the way Ricky Hatton was.

CLIVE BERNATH ANSWERS: The unrest in Pacquiao’s camp could prove to be a factor, but I don’t think so. As I said in the earlier question, Cotto could march on late in the fight and cause Pacquiao problems. I just feel both De La Hoya and Hatton were a little weight drained when they fought Manny but Cotto should have no such problems

PAUL UPHAM ANSWERS: It is interesting to see the state of the camps via the 24/7 lens. I expected to see Cotto under pressure, after the dismissal of his Uncle as trainer. Instead, Cotto is back with his wife, has a calm family around him and looks focused and ready. Though, his trainer may be a little inexperienced. Pacquiao on the other hand has team members belting and disparaging each other - which happens quite regularly in elite fighter camps. But at some point, it has to affect Pacquiao. That issue was one of the main reasons I considered changing my pick to Cotto, but I have stuck with Pac-Man. If Pacquiao wins, everyone will say the team arguments never worried him. If Pacquiao loses, everyone will blame his team for affecting his performance.

MICHAEL NORBY: The Pacquiao team seems to be in a little bit of disarray, Johnnie. In saying that, I think that Pacquiao and Roach know they have a formidable opponent in Cotto and they will have done their prep work the way they always do. Pacquiao will probably be as sharp as usual on Saturday night.


Name : Saul Medina
Country : Mexico
Your Question :
If Miguel Cotto trades with Pacquiao early, I see an easy night for Pac-Man. If Cotto boxes and takes his time, he can win on points. Cotto’s biggest problem is if he gets cut again. What you say?

PAUL UPHAM ANSWERS: Good points Saul. I am concerned about Cotto cutting again. The speed and power of Pacquiao can do lots of damage. Cotto is a smart boxer when he wants and I expect him to keep it tight early. Maybe this will frustrate Pacquiao. Maybe it won’t. I‘m tipping Pacquiao to win, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see Cotto win. This is why we still get the boxers to have the fights. So we can see what will happen for ourselves.

MICHAEL NORBY: Cotto needs to box on Saturday night. Look what he did against Mosley and you have something of a blueprint to work from. Cotto can box well and he has a chance to frustrate Pacquiao if he gets his jab going and slows him to the body early. Cuts will be a concern to Cotto but he has shown against Clottey that he can fight through major wounds.

JERRY GLICK ANSWERS: I asked Miguel about his cuts. I was able to see the lines of old cuts above his eye. I asked him if he is concerned about them opening again and he informed me that he has yet to re-open a cut. Whenever he got cut, it was a new one each time.

Name : Oswaldo Esqueda
Country : USA
Your Question :
What in your opinion would happen if Manny Pacquiao would’ve faced a primed Julio Caesar Chavez at 140? I think it would be just a matter of time before Chavez would wear Manny down and leave him like Meldrick Taylor, en route to a late round come from behind KO.

CLIVE BERNATH ANSWERS: Hi Oswaldo. I can remember watching Chavez at his best and feel he would have had a little too much of everything for Manny. But let’s not forget, Manny may not have reached his prime just yet.

PAUL UPHAM ANSWERS: Let’s not rush to underestimate Chavez. You have great versus great. If Chavez was facing the Pacquiao that Morales beat in their first fight, maybe Julio wins. Against Pac-Man at his best, maybe Pacquiao wins. Great fight. Do I really have to choose one?

MICHAEL NORBY: Wow. That’s a great question, Oswaldo. I just don’t know. Right now Pacquiao seems to be getting better and better and would be a tough fight for anyone. Chavez, though, was consistently chopping guys down in his prime and I would favor him to defeat Pacquiao on points.

JERRY GLICK ANSWERS: I think Manny has the style to offset JCC. He has similar aggression but is faster. And keep in mind, for want of two seconds, Taylor was a winner!

Name : James Dunn
Country : UK
Your Question :
I have always been a proud Manchester boy, but I’m not sure if Matthew Hatton can beat Lovemore Ndou on Friday night. He certainly needs to have the night of his life.
Any chance of Manchester having another world champion?

CLIVE BERNATH ANSWERS: James, I don’t agree. I think Matthew can nick the fight on points.

PAUL UPHAM ANSWERS: Here is the chance for Matthew Hatton to step it up and win an IBO belt. Even at 38, Lovemore’s supreme fitness has kept him in the game. Whenever he loses, he always seems to come back with another good win. The long time gatekeeper at 140lbs has a chance to get and win the big fight he has always wanted at welterweight. I think Ndou wins on points. Hatton can make it closer than expected, but in the end, Ndou will just have a little too much experience and talent.

MICHAEL NORBY: This is a very tough fight for Hatton, James. Ndou has been in there against the better competition, he can punch and he’s just got that little bit extra than the Englishman. For Hatton to win he needs to box a perfect fight and I haven’t witnessed that from him yet.

JERRY GLICK ANSWERS: Clive, and Mike, you are our Manchester experts!

Name : Wayne Lord
Country : Canada
Your Question :
Sorry, I am not at all convinced by the reason Floyd Mayweather Jr is seen as P4P No 1. Let me preface my comments by stating that he was great at 130 and even 135, but he has yet to face a top welter. If I may loosely quote Nat Fleischer The Ring’s first editor, this mythical title is for the fighter who so easily dominates his class that it is clear that if he could fight anyone at the same weight, he would win. If Floyd has not yet met a top welter, how can he be P4P No 1? Floyd is not even rated No 1 at 147. It seems to smack of bias for a U.S fighter. I feel he may be the most talented boxer alive right now, but until he shows it at 147, he can’t live on past laurels or beating up tiny and older boxers. Manny used speed and power to kill Oscar and Ricky but people say they were old. Is that fair?

CLIVE BERNATH ANSWERS: For what it’s worth, I think Manny Pacquiao is the P4P No.1 until Floyd decides to fight and beat him. Let’s also see Floyd face Cotto and Mayweather as well. And if he beats them then yes he should be No.1

PAUL UPHAM ANSWERS: You may have proved against your own point Wayne. It is clear that if he could fight anyone at the same weight, he would win. Right now, if you could have all the boxers in the same weight class, I see Mayweather winning. Floyd’s defence is impeccable. It doesn’t always make for interesting or entertaining fights, but he does what he has to do to win and seemingly has the answer to whatever his opponent does in the ring. However, if Pacquiao beats Cotto convincingly, it may be enough to push him ahead of Mayweather again in my rankings. I think De La Hoya was crazy in how he handled his weight against Pacquiao. All the talk before the fight was about Oscar’s weight and size advantage and then he came in small and weight drained. Hatton was careless early and left the gate open for Pacquiao. I don’t think Cotto will make the same mistake in the first two rounds on Saturday night. In hindsight, De La Hoya has little to give against Pacquiao. Hatton was tactically disappointing. Still, two excellent wins for the Pac-Man. He was doing something right in the ring to beat those two world champions.

MICHAEL NORBY: For Mayweather to seal and shut his legacy as a great, great fighter, he needs to battle the best out there. If it’s Pacquiao, Cotto, Mosley or Williams - it doesn’t matter - he has to step up now consistently until he calls time on his career.

JERRY GLICK ANSWERS: Floyd has demonstrated enough skill and smarts to convince me that he is the best today. I admit that I lean towards the boxer with a high level of skill over a puncher/slugger, but he is cut from the same mold as Ali, Ray Leonard, and Ray Robinson.

Name : Darren Carroll
Country : Ireland
Your Question :
First off, love the site, by far the best in the business so keep up the good work! At the risk of ATE becoming totally about PBF, I do want to touch on a couple of recent events concerning the self proclaimed best ever. Recently Floyd Mayweather Jr responded to a radio phone in and actually called in to the station to defend some home truths that were being said about him and his so called legacy. The host, quite rightly in my opinion, stated the facts as they stand that PBF has no right to class himself anywhere near the title of the best ever when he has yet to or worse still, shows no interest in fighting four fighters who currently occupy SecondsOut’s own top ten PFP rankings i.e. Cotto, Sugar Shane, Williams and Pac-Man. In the next two years fight these four genuine legitimate welterweights, beat them and then every fight fan will give him his dues. These views were also echoed in a recent interview with the legendary Thomas Hauser, who also said he would welcome some of these fights even before the mega show down with Pac-Man, if in fact this fight ever happens. I have my doubts that it ever will, given PBF’s ridiculous demands for a 60/40 split against the most exciting and popular fighter in the sport currently.

PAUL UPHAM ANSWERS: That’s it Darren. Let’s see Floyd Mayweather Jr, I think he is Money then days instead of Pretty Boy Floyd (PBF), line them up! Mosley, Pacquiao and Paul Williams. If he takes those fights and wins, all credit to him. When Mosley crashed his post fight party against Marquez, Mayweather seemed seriously pissed off, but didn’t give the impression he wanted to accept Shane’s challenge. Time will tell. Whoever wins this Saturday night in Las Vegas between Pacquiao and Cotto, if Mayweather doesn’t fight the winner in 2010, he will receive significant and justifiable criticism.

MICHAEL NORBY: I don’t think Mayweather has a choice anymore, Darren. Who the heck wants to see Mayweather against a Hatton, or Judah, or Collazo? He must fight top of the mountain fighters from now on or people will not watch. Mosley, Pacquiao, Cotto, Williams - that calibre of fighter. I think he will.

JERRY GLICK ANSWERS: I am doubtful that even if Floyd beats the four great fighters who you mentioned that I would change my pick of the best of all time. That will forever be the incomparable Sugar Ray Robinson for me.

Name : Trevor Metz
Country : China
Your Question :
I just watched the David Haye fight against Nikolay Valuev and I read Paul Upham’s blog on it and I have to say, he seems pretty high on a guy who beat maybe the worst heavyweight champ of all time. In his blog he says something like on to a new era in heavyweight boxing... uh. If you mean an even crappier one, I would agree. Haye looked awful and would figuratively, and perhaps literally, be killed by either Klitschko. I guess in fantasyland Haye might have a slugger’s chance against Wlad but do any of you, in your heart of hearts, believe he has any shot whatsoever of beating the Brothers Grimm?

CLIVE BERNATH ANSWERS: Hi Trevor. I of course am a very happy chappie that David has won a version of the heavyweight title, but am certainly not getting carried away. I think David fought the right fight but lets be honest, he beat a very poor and very slow and static boxer, who had been very fortunate to retain his titles. I also think some of the British press went a little over the top. I think if David goes out and blasts John Ruiz from the start when they fight he wins, but if he allows Ruiz to hold and spoil, Ruiz could have a chance. How about David Haye against David Tua? Now that would be a cracking fight

PAUL UPHAM ANSWERS: I said onto a new era Trevor, I didn’t necessarily say it will be better. But it seems to me that getting the WBA belt off of Valuev and out of Germany has to be a better thing for boxing. Right? I think Haye talks a good fight and punches hard. That can’t be too bad a thing. I give Haye a chance to beat Wladimir Klitschko if he can land on his chin, but I give him absolutely no chance of beating Vitali Klitschko. Vitali is the best heavyweight in the world today, better than his brother too. Hopefully Haye can send John Ruiz into permanent from the WBA ratings. Don’t tell me there wouldn’t be plenty of boxing fans happy about that.

MICHAEL NORBY: It was one of the worst heavyweight championship fights I have ever seen – and that’s saying something. I don’t believe that Haye will beat either of the Grimm boys. He can punch, and thus he has a punchers chance, but the Klitschko’s are better fighters.
JERRY GLICK ANSWERS: I say give Haye a chance to pass or fail. So far he handled a huge, but less than stellar opponent in Valuev. He attained what he went into the fight for, a "W". Haye may not be an all time great, but he may be a little better than average. Patience, Trevor. Over the decades bigger heavyweights have proven to be unable to take advantage of their size as one might expect. Carnera was huge but considered to be the worst champ ever. That also goes for Jess Willard who has a similar rep. Louis twice KO’d gigantic Abe Simon. The biggest fighter ever was Ewart Potgieter, 7’4", who ran off nine KOs in a row before two losses and a draw along with two more wins convinced him to quit. The South African called it a career at 11-2-1 (11). He fought from 1954 to 1957. So size DOES matter. The small size!

Name : Angus Smith
Country : United Kingdom
Your Question :
After watching David Haye weight in at 15 stone 8 and deservedly beat the man mountain Valuev, do you think it would be a positive step to set a weight limit on the heavyweight division and make those over that limit fight as super-heavyweights? That way we may again have exciting, dynamic boxers and the freak shows like Valuev would be confined to a circus sideshow division?

CLIVE BERNATH ANSWERS: I see your point Angus, but where would you limit the heavyweight? There are not many small heavyweights anymore most of them are around 17st nowadays.

PAUL UPHAM ANSWERS: No thanks. We have enough weight classes as it is. Look it’s not Valuev’s fault that he was able to win fifty fights. It reflects more on the lack of talent of his opponents. If the heavyweights and their trainers can’t see that coming into the ring flabby and overweight to fight twelve hard rounds is a bad thing, as fans, we aren’t going to give them any attention. Give me fit heavys like Haye and the Klitschko brothers any time.

MICHAEL NORBY: Exciting, dynamic boxers? I’d like to see that, but I’m not holding my breath. When I first saw Valuev fight, I thought the same thing but, lets face it, he’s not that good in the first place. I thought he could defeat Haye because I believed the Englishman would actually fight him, but Haye did what he had to do and squeaked by.

JERRY GLICK ANSWERS: If there is ever a Super-Heavyweight class I promise you that this writer will quit the business. There must never be a weight class above Heavyweight. If one is made, then Joe Louis, Muhammad Ali, Rocky Marciano, Larry Holmes, Jack Dempsey, Jack Johnson, etc. will not be former champions of boxing’s big men. Suddenly they will be demoted to smaller-heavyweights! I, for one, will not stand for that.
Name : Luke Rich
Country : United Kingdom
Your Question :
I am writing this before the fight, but a quick question. Why is it that people say Haye is challenging for a heavyweight title without proving himself at the weight? He basically marched straight through the cruiserweights then moved up as undisputed champion. Surely he is just as qualified on that basis to move up as say Mayweather and Pac-Man, who were challenging for titles at weights they were equally unproven. Oh, since this is before the fight I will say I have put money on Haye, I think he can stop Valuev, but if he doesn’t he will be robbed in one of the worst decisions ever seen.

Name : Graham Lengthorn
Country : United Kingdom
Your Question :
I’m writing this before the David Haye fight, so I could make myself look completely stupid, but I don’t understand why everyone mentions Haye’s lake of stamina and heart, I know he has a dodgy chin that’s a fact, but he only blew up once in the ring against Thompson and that was about 5 years ago. I’m sure he has learned his lesson since then and trains harder, and how can you say he lacks heart when he got knocked down in France and got up to win the cruiserweight belt? I think he wins easy on Saturday night by stoppage in 7-8 rounds and then has an easy title defence against John Ruiz, which is perfect for him. But then, I see things going down hill if he fights against either Klitschko!

CLIVE BERNATH ANSWERS: Well, you did not make yourself look stupid, Graham. Haye of course out-pointed Valuev. Must admit I was surprised David did the 12 rounds, but let’s be honest, Valuev never really upped the pace of the fight at any time, there was never any urgency in his work at any time. I’m with you I think David will blast Ruiz out just like David Tua did he will set a pace and make David work for as long as it lasts.

PAUL UPHAM ANSWERS: You were both sort of right and wrong at the same time. I thought Haye fought the perfect fight for beating Valuev. He didn’t engage in close often and picked his shots. Very hard to beat a title-holder in Germany. Now that Haye is the champion, I expect some more impressive performances from him. Sometimes you just have to fight ugly to get the win and then move on.

MICHAEL NORBY: That’s a good point, Luke. We’re all very good at criticizing the boring heavyweight routine and in the same breath we criticize Haye for skipping the queue. I would love Haye to be the guy that comes in and adds spice to the division but I just don’t think he has the tools to do so against the top guys. Maybe I’m wrong, though, I was wrong about the Valuev fight. Ruiz will be a lot tougher than Valuev, Graham. The American knows how to get it done - he’s shown it in the past. Haye doesn’t have the qualities of Roy Jones Jr. who easily defeated Ruiz, so I think it’ll be a close fight.

JERRY GLICK ANSWERS: Luke and Graham you both picked well except when you called for a KO. As you now know, Haye did in fact win but by decision. Luke your point that champs from lower weights get shots at higher weights without competing there is spot on. But boxing history is rife with that; Archie Moore fought Marciano, Carmen Basilio beat Ray Robinson, and on and on. A champion is given that courtesy. Oh, by the way, I picked Haye by decision too.

Name : Paul White
Country : Australia
Your Question :
Hello once again Paul Upham and team. Love the website, especially ATE. My question is in response to Clive’s` statement that, "A peak Lennox Lewis would beat a peak Muhammad Ali. I can’t believe this statement. In my own opinion, simply unbeatable that night. The hand speed and combinations were incredible and Cleveland was certainly no slouch! He then had the 3 year layoff and beat the best bunch of heavyweights in any era of boxing. I love Lennox Lewis and he has been a tremendous ambassador for our great sport, obviously also an exceptional fighter, but I feel he came at a time when the division was not at its best (not his fault). I believe Mike Tyson would’ve destroyed him as a 20 year old. His two knockout defeats were testament to his inability to take a clean shot. Vitali was on top of him before he nearly bled to death. But make no mistake, if Lennox was standing next to me in a pub, I would tell him not only was he the very best boxer ever, but he should also run for President, be the Pope or anything else he wanted to be!

CLIVE BERNATH ANSWERS: Hi Paul. If it’s any consolation, I would also tell Lennox he should run for President, LOL. We will never know who would win for obvious reasons, but if I had to pick a winner, I’d still go Lennox. I feel he would have kept Ali on the outside with his jab all night and tot up the points.

PAUL UPHAM ANSWERS: That’s it Paul. You punch hard and stick it to our beloved editor. How dare he question Ali’s greatness! Actually, I think Clive owns the beachside mansion next to Lennox in Jamaica, so maybe he is being kind to his neighbour? For me, the older more experienced Lennox Lewis would be very, very competitive in any era. But I’m staying with Ali in that fight. At his best, “The Greatest” would simply find a way to win.

MICHAEL NORBY: First off, despite Klitschko’s strong start, I thought Lewis was coming on stronger as the fight went on, Paul. The big Ukrainians’ face looked like a butcher’s apron for goodness sakes. Anyways, its tough to analyse what may have transpired between Lewis and Ali - Lewis was a tremendous heavyweight and his jab and size could have been an absolute nightmare for Ali, or anybody for that matter.

JERRY GLICK ANSWERS: OK, let’s get a few facts a little straighter. You are correct that Ali was at his very best against Cleveland Williams BUT it must be noted that Ali did not face Williams at his best. A few years before Williams had a run in with a cop and was shot in the belly. They say he died on the table and went from 220 pounds down to 140. The bullet was still in his gut that night in Houston. He was a shell of his old self. Ali, Jack Johnson and Joe Louis were the best heavyweights ever. That being said, sorry Lennox, Ali would have made you look bad and won by decision or maybe by KO. As far as Lewis-Tyson when Mike was 20; I once thought Tyson would have won too, but I have changed my mind. I am sure Lennox would have gone past four rounds and if he did he would have crushed Tyson who, it turned out was a four round fighter. His fire dimmed after three or four. OK, send in the complaints!

Name : Naeem Hussain
Country : United Kingdom
Your Question :
Hi guys, hope you’re all well. I’d like to weigh in with my opinion on the Muhammad Ali greatness debate. I truly think that the Ali who dominated Cleveland Williams in 1966 would beat every heavyweight before or since. That fight was the closest we saw to Ali at his peak; remember Angelo Dundee’s telling comment: "We never saw Muhammad at his best." As good as he was against Williams, he hadn’t stopped improving. We can imagine his prime would have been around 26-28, had he not been stripped of his license. I think then he would have been the perfect combination of the speed, skill, and power demonstrated against Williams and the granite chin, toughness, and iron will he showed against Frazier, Foreman and Shavers. I just can’t see anyone beating him, especially Dempsey and Marciano, just too small and slow to get near him. Joe Louis, too, would have struggled I think. He was a shuffling, methodical boxer, and despite his prodigious power and speed with the left hook, simply didnt have the foot speed to get close to Ali. He would have danced rings around Joe. The most intriguing match-up in my opinion would have been a prime Larry Holmes against a prime Ali. What do you guys think?

PAUL UPHAM ANSWERS: Well written comment. If you watch the documentary When We Were Kings, there is some footage of a young Larry Holmes sparring Ali. What a fight that would be in their primes! I’m picking a prime Ali against anyone in the last 130 years, anyone you got in the next 20 years and anyone else the next 20 years after that. I’ll be ready to review again in 2049.

MICHAEL NORBY: A prime Ali against Larry Holmes would obviously have been a different contest, Naeem and it’s interesting to think about. There are a number of those mythical match-ups that peak interest.

JERRY GLICK ANSWERS: While I completely agree, please read what I wrote in my answer to Paul White above.

Name : Will Loyd
Country : USA
Your Question :
Recently, I read an article that mentioned Jose Sulaiman and the WBC were suspending Chris Arreola for six months due to his vulgar post fight interview. Are SAC`s and the other fifty sanctioning bodies obligated to comply with this nonsense? After all, it was on a premium cable channel, listed with an adult rating after 10:00pm. If Jose would concentrate on lousy officiating and trimming down the 375 belts they pass out, instead of trying to be Roger Goodell, boxing would improve. I’d lay 3000/1 that if Arreola was a Don King fighter I wouldn’t be writing this.

CLIVE BERNATH ANSWERS: Will, as far as I’m aware, the ban only applies to the WBC. This will not effect Chris at all.

PAUL UPHAM ANSWERS: And Mike Norby’s been banned from presenting Floyd Mayweather Jr with his pound for pound belt! I think? Anyway, does it matter? No. Because Mike doesn’t believe in pound for pound rankings. Same deal with Arreola. As silly as it is, this ban doesn’t prevent him from fighting. It only means he is out of the WBC ratings for six months and can’t fight for any of the WBC belts during that time. You know what, I’d be happy to see this ban stick if the WBC started banning judges who hand in crappy scorecards!

MICHAEL NORBY: It was a toe-curling moment, Will. He was soundly defeated and was frustrated and unleashed a few F-bombs. So what, this isn’t Centre Court at Wimbledon for goodness sakes. He was not the first to do this won’t be the last - lets see if the WBC is consistent and punish other boxers going forward. The silly suspension doesn’t mean anything anyways - Arreola fights again next month on HBO. Arreola, from now on go Irish when you go fighting for WBC titles and need to vent - use “feck” instead of “f**k.” It works a treat.

JERRY GLICK ANSWERS: I don’t know about the Don King angle, but I can tell you that I curse more that Chris. As far as other groups joining that ban keep in mind that Chris, who is nothing more than a very emotional guy, is fighting on the Paul Williams’ card in NJ.
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