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ATE: Pacquiao-Mayweather Jr Non-Fight, Money-Sugar, Valero’s Future, Super Six, Hopkins-Jones Jr 2 and More

In today’s edition of Ask The Editor (ATE), we delve deeper into the Manny Pacquiao-Floyd Mayweather Jr non-fight, consider Money’s alternate match with Shane Mosley and try to solve what it all means. We consider some future fights for Edwin Valero at junior welterweight, give the Super Six more praise, complain more about the Bernard Hopkins-Roy Jones Jr rematch and more.

Name : Viel Mervic Nuestro
Country : Philippines
Your Question :
Hi again, SO team. I just want to say Mayweather’s argument of Pacquiao forgetting the 50/50 revenue split if his fight with Mosley exceeds the PPV buys of Pacquiao-Clottey is fair. On to another matter: I can’t help but wonder the timing of the cancellation of Mosley-Berto when Mayweather had no real opponent left. Yes, it’s probably because of the Haiti disaster, but if I were Berto, I would be more motivated to continue with the fight (since I’m gonna earn more money) so that I can help more with my family. If I remember correctly, Berto and Mayweather have the same manager, Al Haymon. It seems to me this Mosley-Berto fight was really supposed to be cancelled earlier to give way to Mayweather-Mosley (since if Mayweather fights anyone except Mosley, that event would really be trumped in PPV buys by Pacquiao-Clottey, and Golden Boy Promotions will never allow it, for future negotiations with Top Rank), and probably thanks to the Haiti Disaster, gave more reason to cancel it. I’m not accusing anyone from the Mayweather team or Golden Boy Promotions or Al Haymon of paying Berto to opt-out of the fight, but hey, they did accuse Pacquiao of using PEDs without having evidence, so I think it’s just fair for them to be guilty until proven innocent also. What do you think?

CLIVE BERNATH ANSWERS: Hi Viel. Well, you’ve certainly had a good think about this one. We can all assume what we think has happened and we are all entitled to our own opinions but I doubt there was any skulduggery going on. I’m of the opinion that I like Mayweather Jr vs. Mosley. Boxing fans have been crying out for Mayweather Jr to fight a genuine 147lbs fighter and real test for as long as I can remember and in the absence of Pacman and Paul Williams, Mosley is the next best thing.

GREGORY JUCKETT ANSWERS: Viel, I think you spent some serious time contemplating your theory and it sounds like you might be onto something…Berto withdraw in conjunction to the Haiti disaster might just be the coincidence that fuels your perfect storm.

PAUL UPHAM ANSWERS: You are casting a very wide net there Viel. I’m not going to judge Andre Berto for cancelling his fight. Everyone makes their own decisions. A terrible tragedy has led to a great fight in Mayweather-Mosley. Sad circumstances indeed. Things just happen and everyone else has reacted accordingly. The only issue with counting the PPV buys for each fight is that Top Rank doesn’t usually allow the public release of figures for those fights they are involved in.

JERRY GLICK ANSWERS: Too much intrigue, Viel, for me. I think that sometimes we need not assume that there must be some sort of game but this Haiti earthquake makes too much sense and too much reason and too much coincidence for all that suspicion. Berto needed to help his family. Leave it at that.

Name : Alex Saleh
Country : United Kingdom
Your Question :
Is it just me or is there a massive double standard when it comes to comparing Pacquiao & Mayweather? I think there accomplishments match up pretty well against each other yet there seems to be this great level or praise for Manny and criticism of Floyd. Both have fought between 106lbs and 147lbs over the last 16 years and are multiple time world champions. Both have fought and dominated, in their own fashion, against numerous world champions. Manny gets universal praise for what he’s achieved (and rightfully so) while everyone seems to want to talk about what Floyd could have done rather then what he has done. They were set to meet and for well documented reasons did not (yet).fight. Since then we’ve had Manny announce he is fighting Josh Clotty and receive praise for making a ’fan friendly’ fight, while Floyd has signed to face Mosley and has had some people criticize him for deliberately waiting till Mosley was old! Surely Floyd deserves praise for taking the best fight available against a guy who has a claim to the linear championship and who lets face it is a much more dangerous prospect then Clotty? I’m sorry but I’m sure if the opponents were reversed people would jump on board the pac-man express and praise him for facing a 3 weight 5 time world champ and future Hall of Famer while Mayweather would no doubt be hammered for facing a guy who’s always come up short at the very top level. I think Floyd’s getting short changed in the legacy stakes because he can’t beat Manny in a popularity contest - isn’t there a blatant double standard there?

CLIVE BERNATH ANSWERS: Alex, I’m with you on this. As I said above, I like Floyd vs. Mosley. Ok, Mosley is a little past his sell by date but Shane is still a top 10 fighter and on paper is a tougher fight for him than Clottey is for Manny Pacquiao. I also think most boxing fans see the situation the same as I do. For what its worth I think Floyd starts a slight favourite against Pacquiao.

GREGORY JUCKETT ANSWERS: Alex, I think you figured out the answer to your own question in your last sentence…Floyd can’t beat Manny in a popularity contest. Pacquiao is viewed by the masses as the more likeable guy compared to Mayweather, and hence, Floyd, often and unfairly, gets the short end of the stick in discussions and analysis. There are many more Manny fans than Floyd fans…bottom line.

PAUL UPHAM ANSWERS: You make some good points Alex. I think Floyd’s dislikeable persona to many fans certainly doesn’t help him when his career is being assessed. I will say that Pacquiao seems to have been agreeable to the best fights available to him at the time. Certainly, Mayweather could have fought Mosley earlier, thus the accusations that he was waiting until Shane got old. I give credit to Floyd for making the De La Hoya and Hatton fights when he did. He missed Kostya Tszyu and fought Arturo Gatti instead. But apart from that and an earlier Mosley match, Mayweather has taken the challenges available except for the fight with Pacquiao. I think you said it best. Money is never going to win a popularity contest with the Pac-Man.

JERRY GLICK ANSWERS: Alex you hit the nail on the proverbial head. I agree with everything you said. Floyd is, as I have said before, the current wunderkind of boxing. He is so talented that he cannot contain his ego. My perception is that Pacquiao is supremely confident, but Mayweather’s state of mind is that of superior human. Something beyond confident. Something above great talent. Greatness as never before. What Floyd lacks is humility and people pick up on that. They also somewhat agree that he is so superior that he cannot simply do well against top opponents, has to dominate everyone to be seen as doing what he should be doing. When he meets Shane he will win; the same will happen against Manny. When I asked Floyd if he thinks he will be the way Robinson and Ali were, untouchable until they slowed a bit with age, he jumped down my throat. He cannot see himself in any way but the way his is now.

Name : Riaz Uddin
Country : United Kingdom
Your Question :
Hi guys, hope your all well. My question is regards to the now finalised bout between Mosley and Mayweather. Personally, I just can’t see a 39 year old Mosley beating Mayweather, specially since his been inactive for 18months now. I think this is not a true test for Mayweather and will be a dull fight. What do you guys think?

CLIVE BERNATH ANSWERS: You could well be right Riaz, but I do feel that Floyd will want to put on a show and prove he can dominate a fighter of Mosley’s class. Personally I like this fight, a little late but at least it’s happening. And as I said, in the absence of Pacquiao and Paul Williams this is the best fight for him to take.

GREGORY JUCKETT ANSWERS: Riaz, I disagree. I don’t see this being a dull fight because there’s no way Mosley is going to play it safe for 12 rounds and attempt to win a boxing chess match. At some point in the fight Mosley will begin to take more and more chances in an attempt to do some damage to the usually retreating Mayweather. Whether that strategy will work remains to be seen because Mayweather is such a deadly counter puncher. Mayweather may not be considered a knockout artist, but he punches harder than he’s given credit for, so let’s hope Mosley makes Mayweather work to the point where a real fight breaks out.

PAUL UPHAM ANSWERS: If Mosley is close to his best, a big unknown right now after his absence from the ring, it will be a great fight. If he has lost a step in foot speed, Mayweather wins on points. I watch with great interest. But I am certainly not writing off Mosley. He can pull an upset if it is his night.

JERRY GLICK ANSWERS: The only way it will be dull is if these two classic boxers stay behind the jab and put on a tactical show (not dull to me though). Otherwise I see this fight as being a great one. Mosley would never have beaten Floyd, but at 38, he will be at a disadvantage, as I see it, in spite of his telling me that he is better today than when he was 32.

Name : Naeem Hussain
Country : United Kingdom
Your Question :
Hey guys, hope you’re all well. Big props for the articles of late and for the brilliant coverage of the Pacquiao-Mayweather debacle. I can’t go a day without checking the site. I’m interested in your take on whole PED accusations levelled at Manny. I only really have two ways of looking at it: 1. Mayweather never wanted the fight in the first place. He planned to enter negotiations, test the waters, say all the right things publicly, and then come up with a demand that he suspected would kill the fight. The PED accusation and Olympic drug testing request is one of the more elaborate get-out clauses concocted. And he knew that it would make it seem Pacquiao was the one who didn’t want the fight. 2. He actually did want the fight, but doubted whether he could win. Therefore, the drug scandal was a psychological ploy to unsettle Pac-Man and his team. Manny has always been above trash talking and getting involved in personal issues with his opponents, but interestingly enough this got to him. It’s very unlike Manny to say he wants to shut his opponents big mouth. Could this have been a sign of Money’s ploy working? Like most fans, I’m gutted the fight isn’t gonna take place (in March at least). I wish for once fighters would be fighters and not politicians. I gotta say though, I’m looking forward to Mayweather-Mosley, if that takes place. I’ve said for a while now Sugar Shane might be the toughest opponent out there for Floyd. I think it’ll be a terrific fight. Unless Mayweather screws that one up too.

CLIVE BERNATH ANSWERS: Naeem, do you honestly think Mayweather wanted to talk his way out of a fight with Pacquiao or doubted he could win? Fighters like Mayweather do not become P4P No.1 fighters by mistake and dodging fighters. Mayweather Jr is a hugely talented boxer and his competitive nature would not allow him doubt his ability against any fighter. He has his reasons for asking for random testing and I’m sure this will all come out when he is called to testify in the defamation case brought by Manny Pacquiao.

GREGORY JUCKETT ANSWERS: Naeem, I tend to think Mayweather DID want the Pacquiao fight, but figured he owed it to himself to voice his PED suspicious anyway if in case there really was some cheating going on and unsettle Manny in the process.

PAUL UPHAM ANSWERS: Without any other evidence to the contrary, we have to believe that Pacquiao is clean. People say that Pacquiao should have just accepted Floyd’s demands if he was clean and gone ahead with the testing. Easy to say, but there is huge egos involved in elite boxing. Pacquiao would quite rightly say, why should I have extra testing just because Floyd Mayweather says so? The answer in his mind was to hell with him and the fight was off. We can only speculate on Mayweather’s true motives, but you have floated some great conspiracy theories. The way it worked out, did Mayweather end up with an easier or harder fight for lesser money?

JERRY GLICK ANSWERS: Hi Naeem. Not sure of any hidden agendas because I can only guess and that isn’t good. Your thoughts could be right but we may never know. My thinking has been that Pacquiao went from very good to super great very quickly and he does not just win, he destroys. I think maybe people look at the dominance over top men and ask how? Is there something at work here? If Manny just didn’t talk about needles after having so many tattoos there would be less suspicion. Floyd is too confident to fear Pac-Man at this time.

Name : Patrick McKenzie
Country : USA
Your Question :
Hope you can afford me one more question this week. After his last fight, how far do you see Edwin Valero going? At this point in time could you see him beating a Marquez or Timothy Bradley? I didn’t see the entire fight, but it seems to me he’d have a weakness to anyone with a good stiff jab. (Why DeMarco didn’t throw more jabs is beyond me.) What are your thoughts?

CLIVE BERNATH ANSWERS: Hi Patrick. You do have a point about Valero fighting anyone with a decent jab. However, I also feel many fighters have tried to keep Valero at bay with a stiff jab but as soon as they have felt his power the game plan goes out of the window. Every boxer at the top level goes into a fight with a game plan but one thing you can’t plan for is handling your opponent’s punch power. If he connects and shakes you down to your boots you have a problem and the game plan goes out the window. I believe Valero has that one punch hurtful power. I do believe Valero has the beating of Marquez but Bradley could prove too big and slippery.

GREGORY JUCKETT ANSWERS: Patrick, I tend to agree with you regarding Valero. At this point in his career, I don’t think the Venezuelan would match up well against more polished fighters like Bradley and Marquez, but then again, Valero can punch and that’s always an equalizer.

PAUL UPHAM ANSWERS: Valero has power, but more importantly, he is prepared to use it and throw hard and often. That is always exciting. Give me Valero and Pacquiao at 140lbs. It would be fun. Bradley might outwork Valero, but Tim does get tagged at times. Valero could make him pay.

JERRY GLICK ANSWERS: Valero looks good and could develop into a big star if he can pass the U.S doctors. That is problematic because of his head injury, but he can fight elsewhere and face big names. I think a fight with Bradley would be competitive but I think he is too aggressive for Marquez. He talks about Pacquiao but I think he is reaching too far.

Name : Daley Francis
Country : United Kingdom
Your Question :
Hi legends, the super middleweights certainly are creeping up on the welters aren’t they? With the Super Six continuing, Lucien Bute and others featuring in good bouts. It’s a good time to weigh 12st! I was pretty psyched at the rumours of Mosley-Mayweather in May. The more I think about it though, Shane will have gone 17 months without a bout. I know Mayweather did that too, but he’s a much fresher fighter. I’ll be picking Mayweather on a decision. I hope that Andre Berto soon recovers from his heartache and rejoins the welter round-robin later on. It must be awful what he’s going through.

CLIVE BERNATH ANSWERS: Daley, I think Showtime’s super-middleweight tournament is a fantastic idea and what makes it even more interesting is every one of the fighters has a great chance of winning it. They are all so evenly matched and differing in styles. I also see Mayweather Jr taking a points decision against Mosley.

GREGORY JUCKETT ANSWERS: Daley, no doubt it’s an exciting time in the 147 and 168 lbs. divisions. Kudos to Showtime for the Super Six! I’m intrigued by Andre Ward vs. Allan Green…that’s a real fight between two guys in their prime. Mayweather-Mosley is a must see…really looking forward to it.

PAUL UPHAM ANSWERS: It’s a good time for boxing all-round. Big fights and tournaments will get boxing back into the headlines for all the right reasons. Mayweather should be favourite of course, but Mosley will really be into this fight. Shane will make Floyd fight, much better than De La Hoya or Hatton ever did.

JERRY GLICK ANSWERS: Hey, something is wrong, I keep agreeing with all the letters! I am interested in seeing Floyd and Shane and all of the Super-Six fights. Great things are happening in boxing. Berto showed that he sees what is really important in life, family and country. Helping where needed was his priority.
Name : Barnaby Chesterman
Country : Italy
Your Question :
Come on people... I wanted to start this mail with ’who cares’ but perversely enough I think a lot of people do care. But having just read on this site the phrase "long awaited" in announcing the Hopkins-Jones rematch I have to say yes: too long. Far, far too long. This rematch should have happened 10 years ago. Now it embodies everything that is wrong with boxing. It’s too late, this bout is meaningless. One guy’s 45, the other 41. One guy can no longer box for more than a minute a round while the other is getting knocked out by guys who 10 years ago would’ve been blown away by his speed. I know people will watch but as far as I’m concerned this bout is a farce and only marginally less absurd than Holyfield-Tyson III. Can anyone give me an answer to the question why, without mentioning money? Whatever channel shows this allotment argument should be ashamed of itself.

CLIVE BERNATH ANSWERS: Barnaby, I too cannot workout why this fight is happening or what anyone thinks they will get from it. I was gobsmacked when I saw this fight was confirmed. I thought this fight was past its sell by date BEFORE the loss to Danny Green but AFTER, absolutely speechless. And you know what? I don’t think anyone is gonna make money from this and I suspect both fighters now realise this. The more I think about this fight the more I’m confused how anyone thinks this fight will be financially successful. As far as the fighters go, my opinion is Hopkins just wants to even the score with his bitter rival while Jones Jr just can’t accept his career came to an after losing to Joe Calzaghe. Sorry, but this fight is just not in the best interests of our sport.

GREGORY JUCKETT ANSWERS: Barnaby, I was at RFK Stadium in Washington DC when Jones and Hopkins fought the first time and that seems like a lifetime ago to me…guys need to fight rematches within one “lifetime” for it to be worth, so I agree, Jones-Hopkins II is a joke. Also, that’s Final Four weekend for men’s college basketball in the United States, which will hurt the PPV numbers.

PAUL UPHAM ANSWERS: It is an easy win for Hopkins to put on his record, whatever it means to him. Jones Jr simply has no other fight options out there. They should have fought after Hopkins beat Trinidad when Roy was still on top. But Hopkins wouldn’t do the deal then, which sort of tells you something.

JERRY GLICK ANSWERS: This time Barnaby, I must agree with you. Especially hard to sell after Roy’s crushing loss in one round last time out.

Name : Hela Sendi
Country : France
Your Question :
I’ve just read the Hopkins-Jones press conference quotes and want to highlight a word Hopkins used: disservice. He said it would be a disservice to not watch the fight. But isn’t it a disservice to boxing on their part to actually go ahead with this fight? Although I don’t think they’re the only guilty parties, so too are boxing fans, promoters, journalists and TV companies for giving this fight undeserved attention. This fight only damages further boxing’s already deeply soiled reputation. Instead of championing a meaningful fight such as Dawson-Pascal, people actually clamour for this pointless exhibition. Jones’s star has fallen so far that this 41-year-old man should probably face copyright charges for using that once-great name. Three knock-out losses and a humiliation at the hands of Calzaghe proves that Jones is no longer worthy of being described as a top fighter. He’s not quite a journeyman but he is little more than average. Without his once lightning speed - which no 41-year-old would be able to maintain - he has gone from great to merely good, or decent. He can’t take a punch, this is not the Jones who beat Hopkins. Hopkins can claim he will get redemption but he’s not going to beat the man who beat him. And this fight is no less absurd for Hopkins. OK, he can get his revenge win, which he will, but who is he beating? No-one. If he wants to still be seen as a top class light-heavyweight he has to fight one of the top light heavyweights. The last time he did fight a top light-heavy, he lost to Calzaghe. And he’s 44, whatever people say about him and however incredible his ability at that age is, he’s too old for this now and the fact he dodges any credible opponents speaks volumes. This fight is really an embarrassment to boxing.

CLIVE BERNATH ANSWERS: Spot on Hela. I’m just surprised someone is prepared to financially back the fight and expect to make a profit.

GREGORY JUCKETT ANSWERS: Hela, fighters need to agree in order to make a fight a reality, and in this case, I blame Jones for letting this fight happen. You can’t blame Hopkins for being “human” – the lure of the opportunity to attach a winning footnote (because that’s all it is at this point) to one of the few blemishes on his illustrious record is too hard to resist. Jones doesn’t need the money and just got blown out in his last fight. Hate to say it, but if it was so important to Jones to fight a rematch with Hopkins, he should have been forced to take (and win) another fight in the interim to add a little more legitimacy to this promotion.

PAUL UPHAM ANSWERS: How is everyone involved in making this fight going to feel afterwards if Roy Jones Jr suffers a life threatening injury in this fight?

JERRY GLICK ANSWERS: I think Hopkins has something in his tank still, but not Roy. They should retire now. Roy should not allow his legacy to get further damaged and B-Hop is gambling with his in every fight. I wish Roy had quit after Ruiz. Just think of how he would have been remembered.

Name : Gregoire Lemarchand
Country : France
Your Question :
I’d like to ask a couple of questions. Firstly why hasn’t Klitschko fought Povetkin yet? Povetkin beat Eddie Chambers two years ago in an IBF final eliminator to face Klitschko. Povetkin has fought three times since and Klitschko four times and yet they’re still not going to fight as Klitschko’s fighting Chambers now. What was the point in that IBF eliminator? My second question relates to Odlanier Solis who recently blew away Monte Barrett in two rounds, that’s three rounds quicker that David Haye managed. Solis, as you all remember, stopped Haye in the 2001 amateur heavyweight final and went on to win three more amateur titles and the Olympics. He weighed in at 271 pounds for that Barrett fight, that’s around 80 pounds higher than his weight when he fought Haye. So I’ve a double question about him, really. Is he the real deal or is he another one of these overweight (obese) heavyweights whose preference for pies over training will see him probably go the way of Samuel Peter amongst others?

CLIVE BERNATH ANSWERS: Gregoire, after Povetkin beat Chambers he damaged his ankle in the lead-up to the fight with Klitschko and was forced to pull out. Klitschko then took another fight instead. Then, as I understand it, Povetkin wanted a warm up fight, then Klitschko again in the meantime won the WBO title and is now fighting WBO No.1 Chambers. As far as Solis is concerned, I think he can compete at he highest level and when the Klitschko’s have retired, win one of the titles.

GREGORY JUCKETT ANSWERS: Gregoire, after Povetkin beat Chambers, there were indeed negotiations for Klitschko-Povetkin, but Povetkin’s team decided they didn’t want the fight at the time. As for Solis, you’re spot on…the guy has skills, but he lacks dedication.

PAUL UPHAM ANSWERS: Gregoire, how dare you suggest a world title sanctioning body would arrange a fight for a $ sanctioning fee and not have the outcome really mean anything! It could never happen in a sport like boxing where there is such honour and pride...well, maybe not.

JERRY GLICK ANSWERS: Hi Gregoire, I can’t speak about Solis’ future weight problems, if any, but he is a soft type of body and there has been some talk of him facing Vitali Klitschko. I don’t expect him to look any trimmer if he gets that shot. Both Povetkin and Chambers deserve a shot at this point. While the big Russian beat Chambers he also beat Jason Estrada, an aging Chris Byrd, and what was left of Larry Donald. Chambers, on the other hand gave big Alexander Dimitrenko his first loss, he beat Sam Peter, fringe contenders Calvin Brock and Dominic Guinn, along with then unbeaten Derric Rossy. But you are right sometimes these "elimination" fights go nowhere.

Name : Tim Young
Country : Australia
Your Question :
I saw the last ATE that most people of the opinion that Audley Harrison will never win a world title and I agree. At the same time, it’s probably time for the rest of the old guard in British heavyweight boxing to accept same about themselves. For years we have had the Harrison, Williams, Skelton, Sprott, merry go round and all have had their day. Williams has always blown hot and cold and is there for the taking, plus he’s very fortunate to still be British champ. Skelton seems to be a case of the typical iron man who has been nabbed by father time. Sprott was probably a notch below the others but a good honest pro who will never be better than a national champ. Harrison well he had all the tools and could well have won a 2nd Olympic gold, but the pro ranks require digging a lot deeper. The major problem for all 4 is they are no longer a viable opponent for other rated fighters and there are some very good domestic young guns waiting to pick them off. Haye won’t bother he has bigger fish to fry, but there’s Chisora, Sexton and Fury who must be licking their lips for a chance. Through in Dallas and Price who are a year or two behind the trio and we have exciting times ahead for British heavyweight boxing. I personally think old timers are not required.

CLIVE BERNATH ANSWERS: I think I’m gonna upset a few people now, Tim. I agree that Williams, Skelton and Harrison have come to the end of their careers in terms of major domestic titles. I thinks that’s pretty much accepted, though Audley still tries to convince us all he has some kind of divine right to become world heavyweight champ. I’m looking forward to seeing Sexton, Chisora and Fury face each other at domestic level.

GREGORY JUCKETT ANSWERS: Tim, there’s always the desire and excitement to check out the next young wave of heavyweights, but the likes of Harrison, Williams, Skelton and Sprott will continue to fight on, so either we watch them perform as fans of the sport or we selectively tune them out unless they let one of those young lions take a shot at them.

PAUL UPHAM ANSWERS: What are you talking about Tim? Can’t you see a scenario where Audley Harrison takes a fight with Wladimir Klitschko at short notice when another boxer pulls out injured and Harrison knocks out Wladimir in the 1st round. Surely it could happen?

JERRY GLICK ANSWERS: Reading your letter brought back old memories of Henry Cooper, Brian London, Dick Richardson, Joe Erskine, Joe Bugner, and others. I don’t know why, but British heavies have mostly fallen just short of being at the very top for most of boxing history. My question is can the younger Brits who are awaiting their chance do better than the current crop? We shall see.

Name : Wayne Lord
Country : Canada
Your Question :
I have a beef rather than a question. I prefer slick boxers but not to just hug and run or make a guy miss but punish him for missing and KO him when the chance comes. Ali would run for the first few rounds and then went into the trenches when the power was not as strong. He predicted, he bragged, he ridiculed but when the bell rang, he had the gall to fight. Floyd was one of my favs. I loved his brash talk which evoked confidence. All I asked was that he back it up. Don’t promise me a sports car and then give me a Lada! I accept Winky and Hopkins although they are boring but at least they do not promise us a war. They also do not get paid like Floyd. The bigger the pay the more the responsibility to put on a show for the fans. If I pay big $ I expect my $ worth, either great skill or a devastating KO. If not I will not pay big $ to watch a fighter again. For this reason I have stopped paying huge $ to see Floyd fight. I enjoyed him on Dancing With The Stars but I won’t pay to see it. I watch ESPN and I used to watch USA TV fights too. I just love boxing and have for years. But if I pay big $ I expect a lot. Is that too much to ask? If he changed to Money Floyd then don’t be Money Fraud or Kentucky Chicken Fraud as people now dub him. Just tell us you will box the guy silly and win on points and we’ll accept but don’t tell us to expect a war and then give us a bore! By running and pot shotting. Sorry, not for my big $. We demand that boxers fight the best, especially Floyd to display his abundant and exquisite skills at their superlative best. I do not wish to see an A class fighter demolish a C class guy just because he gets the most $ for it. What about the integrity of boxing where a top contender gets his shot? That’s my beef!

CLIVE BERNATH ANSWERS: Wayne, the way I see it if you pay your money your entitled to have a say and get your money’s worth. It’s like anything if you feel your not getting value for money, commonsense tells you to stop paying or buying a product.

GREGORY JUCKETT ANSWERS: Wayne, your comparison of Ali and Mayweather is interesting because for many people, the anticipation of seeing a bragging big mouth get licked, was and is, half the appeal, and you’re right in that both men had and have incredible skills, but Ali’s style certainly created more fireworks during his fights than Floyd’s. If you’re really looking for PPV value associated with Mayweather, you need a great opponent, so you’ll probably get your money’s worth when Floyd takes on Mosley.

PAUL UPHAM ANSWERS: Floyd has never been an out an out puncher. If you don’t appreciate his skills, you won’t pay to see him perform. I understand that.

JERRY GLICK ANSWERS: Point well taken, Wayne. In the used car business they call that "puffing", making it sound a little better than what it really is. Promising a war and not delivering it can result from different causes. A fighter may just be psyching himself up and really intend to do it, but once the bell rings he reverts to what he does best, box and protect himself, or he may just be selling tickets. Again, it is like "buyer beware" when buying a used car; it’s an "as is" sale and no one can say how things will work out at the end of the day. I used to be able to predict the future, but I sold my crystal ball to get this great used car that lasted two weeks!
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