Quotes from Adamek workout 10-10

Tomasz Adamek will take on Andrew Golota in a heavyweight battle at Arena Lodz, in Lodz Poland, on Saturday, October 24th. The media was invited to attend his last workout at World Boxing and Fitness Center in Jersey City, before Tomasz leaves for Poland. His Trainer, Andrew Gmitruk, and Manager, Ziggy Rozalski were also present.

Tomasz Adamek

“Right now I weigh 215. That is a very comfortable weight for me, very natural. I feel very good, in great shape.”

“I can fight either cruiserweight or heavyweight. My natural weight is 215, so if more heavyweight fights can be made that would be good. We do not see any good cruiserweight proposals being made. Maybe next year at the same time I can have a fight with the Klitschkos. It is my dream to be a champion in this category. In the heavyweight division whoever is smarter and faster can win. I am not afraid of anybody.”

“The difference in my training is mostly in sparring partners. I am working with heavyweights, heavy hitters, and stronger punches. My physical training has been has been very consistent with past training camps. I work with Andrew on speed and combinations. The only difference is the sparring partners”

When asked if he thought there would be a changing of the guard from Golota to Adamek for the new Polish icon, “Andrew Golota is my friend, but you know Andrew is a little bit older. I am younger. Maybe Andrew has one or two fights more and that’s it. Maybe it’s my turn next, but after me there will be someone younger. That’s the way it goes. “

Andrew Gmitruk

“Physical preparation was different than before because we are preparing for a heavyweight fight. We chose specific sparring partners. We know Golota very well, so we know what combinations to work on. Especially for me this will be a very exciting fight because I know both of them.”

“In Poland this is going to be a very great event. I think it may be the best fight in Poland in the last 100 years. There is incredible interest. These two fighters are stars there. I remember in 1974 the Polish soccer team played a championship game and the amount of people that watched that game was tremendous. I think this fight will be even greater than that. Even if people aren’t interested in boxing they will still watch because they know the names Adamek and Golota.”

Ziggy Rozalski

“For me this will be a very difficult fight to watch. I am very close to both fighters. Golota was my first “son”; Tomasz is my second “son”. I love them both.”

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