Klitschko Hits Haye With Demands

Klitschko proudly shows off his belts
Klitschko proudly shows off his belts
By Clive Bernath: The good news is that now, after years of preliminary negotiations and some very personal insults, it looks like Wladimir Klitschko and David Haye will finally face each other in the ring in 2011. According to reports both camps seem to have agreed the financial split(50-50 on everything), leaving the way clear for the heavyweight encounter of the year to take place

The not so good news is that a “Haye insider’ says Klitschko is making a nuisance of himself by insisting on a number of other non financial demands. It appears that IBF/WBO and IBO king Klitschko is demanding Haye enter the ring first, Klitschko be named first on all advertising material and that he his own German doctor be present in his corner.

According to The Sun newspaper a ‘Haye Insider’ said: "David is bending over backwards to ensure this fight happens in England as soon as possible.

"But now all these other demands are coming in and it makes you wonder what kind of game the Klitschko camp are trying to play.

"David doesn’t have a problem with any of those requests, but progress on getting anywhere with actual fight contracts is very slow indeed.

"Does Kitschko want this fight? That is something only they can answer but no one can accuse David of not doing everything in his power to make it happen."

It seems to me that both camps very much want the fight but are looking for every possible psychological advantage in their favour regardless of how small the demand. As the generally accepted world’s No.1 heavyweight, more established champion and the owner of three world championship belts it does seem logical that Klitschko be granted those demands. Afterall it is pretty much standard practise for these demands to be met.

I have no doubt now that the fight will happen and the minor details negotiated to a satisfactory conclusion. I just hope that when the fight does eventually take place that it lives up to all the pre fight hype. Neither Klitschko or Haye have exactly set the division alight with previous performance.

Message to Wladimir and David: This is your opportunity to shine, gentlemen, please do not blow it.

January 5, 2011
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