Manny Pacquiao, A Thoroughly Dangerous But Humble Man

Pacquiao arrives In Vegas
Pacquiao arrives In Vegas
By Clive Bernath: ‘Nice guys always come second’ is a cliché that is used all too often on the sports fields and business boardrooms around the world. Much of the time that old saying rings firmly true but every now and again a very special human being slips through the net to prove us all wrong and manages to rise to the top of their field whilst at the same time is respected by one and all. I’m pleased to say that the greatest sport of all where it is paramount to be as focused and violently destructive as is possible has produced one such human being-Manny Pacquiao.

The 32 year-old southpaw, who defends his WBO welterweight crown against American ‘Sugar’ Shane Mosley at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas on Saturday night, has won world titles in six weight divisions(seven if you include the IBO). Considering he only started boxing to help his mother financially support his family at age 16, the Filipino Superstar has done incredibly well. But Pacquiao being the man he is is a humble as ever when talking about his achievements and facing the equally likable Shane Mosley.

“I never thought I could achieve what I have. My dreams before were to help and sacrifice for my mother and family, helping us survive,” said Pacquiao.

“I’m sure some (in the Philippines) are jealous of my success, and I can’t blame them. But I just try and stay humble.

“I don’t try to compare what I’ve achieved in boxing. I’m just happy to contribute to the history of boxing. My best memory is probably knowing that my fights make fans happy,

Regarding his impending battle with Mosley, Pacquiao added: “I remember watching Shane Mosley when he fought De La Hoya. I’ve always respected his ability and I know I can’t underestimate him. I’m most impressed by his hand- and foot-speed. Lots of people criticize him but he has trained very hard for this fight and he wants to prove he is still good and is still strong.

Pacquiao vs Mosley takes place at the MGM Grand Arena on Saturday night and broadcast live on Showtime. Pacquiao and Mosley may well be two of the nicest guys in the sport but come Saturday night for around 36 minutes they will a war of destruction upon one another.

May 4, 2011
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