Mayorga Still Doing What He Does Best

pic David Martin-Warr4
pic David Martin-Warr4
By Clive Bernath: If ever there were a world championship event for hurling insults and tasteless comments Ricardo Mayorga would be crowned world champion every time. And just days before he challenges Miguel Cotto for the Puerto Rican’s WBA junior middleweight title in Las Vegas, the 37 year-old from Managua in Nicaragua was doing what he does best.

Speaking through an interpreter the foul mouthed Mayorga said: "I’d like to thank Bob Arum for allowing me to eat his sheep on Saturday night."

"I’m either going to knock Cotto down or I’m going to bust him open with a cut on one of his two eyes. I guarantee you that’s going to happen in the first round. As soon as that bell sounds. I’m going to kill this guy. I can sense that Cotto has a genuine fear of me. I can see it in his eyes."
Mayorga said: "Whoever is on Cotto’s side, they’re going to have to wear black come Sunday. Tell the athletic commission to have 911 really close by the ring Saturday night because Cotto is going to be in bad shape."

Mayorga then removed his shirt in an attempt to convince all in attendance that he is in the best shape of his life. "Look how ripped I am. Do I look overweight?, commented Mayorga.

"What are you planning on doing when I beat you? Continue in boxing or look for a job? All Nicaraguans and Latins alike, including Puerto Ricans are going to bet on me and not on Cotto because they know what the smart bet is. After the fight, they are no longer going to call him Miguel Jose Cotto. They’ll call him Miguel Jose Mayorga.”

Say what you will about Ricardo Mayorga, he knows exactly how to sell a fight and he will back up the boasts and give his all come Saturday night. I for one can’t wait for that first bell to ring.

March 10, 2011

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