Apology not Accepted

By John Lumpkin: So when is the moment over? If you shake someone’s hand, is the greeting over when the contact ceases? Do we count the time it takes to step back as part of the equation? Is there a few extra seconds of reflection required to complete the process? What do you think the chances are that we will all agree on the exact sequence of such an event?

Floyd Mayweather obviously had a vastly different interpretation of when the moment was over than the HBO announcement crew and many of the fans in attendance. But was he wrong or did he just act much quicker than we are accustomed to seeing in this situation? The KO of Victor Ortiz was shocking because it was unexpected. Most of us probably would have taken another step back or waited an additional few seconds. Mayweather simply saw a golden opportunity and seized the moment. There is a reasonable argument that could be made that this was exactly what he should have done.

Mayweather was perfectly in his rights to throw the punches. It was Victor Ortiz’s responsibility to obey one boxing’s cardinal principles to protect yourself at all times. Boxing rules are clear on these points. What appalls most of us is that the behavior seemed out of place. In Football, there is penalty for unsportsman like conduct. If boxing had such a penalty, this is situation where it could have been applied. And if such a rule did exist, maybe Mayweather would have made a different choice.

September 18, 2011
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