Barrios Less Than Stellar in UD Win/Ramirez Defeats Roman

pic Dave Nadkarni Premier Boxing
pic Dave Nadkarni Premier Boxing


By Marc Livitz: Unbeaten Mario Barrios earned a twelve round, unanimous decision win on Saturday evening over Davis Boschiero at the Sun National Bank Center in Trenton, New Jersey. If this bout was one for the memory books, then hopefully it was for one of the short term variety.


The opening round was for the most part, uneventful. As it turns out, so was the rest of the contest. Through the bulk of twelve rounds, the lone highlight in terms of audience reaction was a twelfth round knockdown of Boschiero, who was making his first appearance as a professional in the United States. Mario Barrios (16-0, 8 KO’s) was looking to make a memorable impression as a headlining boxer for the first time in his career. The crowd in Trenton loudly booed when the bell rang to end the initial three minutes. Mario hoped to take advantage of the eight inch height difference between he and his Italian opponent. The undefeated prospect from San Antonio wasn’t jabbing as much as one would expect.


Towards the end of the second, Davis landed a hard left which seemed to awaken his south Texas foe. Mario went to work with a few combinations to end the period. As he stood at a lanky, slender six foot one, he seemed to be literally looking down on his 5’5" opponent.


Boschiero (39-5-1, 21 KO’s) was not punching back at all and as before, those in attendance in the arena let their disappointment be known. Rounds three and four were the same. Barrios punched while Boschiero watched. Sadly and perhaps inexplicably, the pattern continued into the later rounds as not much of note occurred. Boschiero stood directly in front of his Alamo City adversary, who himself was content to jab yet not follow up in any fashion.


Barrios looked for openings all night and at times used his left jab more as a measuring stick than any sort of weapon. Through nine rounds, Barrios had thrown nearly 450 more shots, yet had only landed 26 more than Boschiero. The twelfth finally came, much to the delight of the Trenton crowd left in the arena. With just over a minute left, Barrios scored the only knockdown of the contest as Davis’s right knee touched the canvas after he was popped across the chin as he charged inward. A left uppercut was the culprit.


Boschiero easily beat the count and proceeded to land a high, overhand right as well as a left hook just before the bell. He glared at his undefeated opponent as referee Allen Huggins directed him to return to his corner.


As expected, all three ringside judges submitted scores of 120-107. Mario "El Nino de Oro" Barrios moved to sixteen professional wins while Davis Boschiero, the former European Boxing Union super featherweight champion had his United States debut spoiled.


Co-Main Event: Ramirez Defeats Roman by UD


The evening’s co-main event featured a junior welterweight contest between unbeaten Eddie Ramirez and twice defeated Jessie Roman, who returned to the ring after nearly one year of inactivity. Ramirez was too much for Roman as he fought his way to a clear, though not easy unanimous decision victory.


The two orthodox fighters traded jabs early, most notably from Eddie, although as the action intensified, Jessie caught "El Escorpion" with an impressive straight right. Ramirez (14-0, 9 KO’s) utilized his jab more effectively as the contest moved forward and wowed the New Jersey crowd by tripling his quick firing left glove.


As the rounds wore on, veteran Roman (20-3, 9 KO’s) was at times finding a home for his counter shots, particularly his right hand. He was temporarily pushed into the ropes by Ramirez late in the third and absorbed a number of unanswered combinations to the head and body until he replied with his signature overhand right.


Eddie opened the fourth with more jabs and uppercuts and as before, he had his Garden Grove, California opponent on the ropes. To his credit, Jessie was holding up decently after having taken tonight’s bout with less than two weeks’ notice. He was able to reply with a hard left hook when Ramirez jumped on him once again to commence the fifth. Through six rounds, Eddie was simply doing more. His punches were crisper and in higher volume, while Roman remained in a holding pattern as he looked to counter.


A hard right hook from Jessie tagged Ramirez flush on the chin in the eighth, after which he found himself taking a step backward when a right uppercut from his Aurora, Illinois caught him in the face.


As the ninth neared its conclusion, referee David Fields openly implored Roman to fight back after Ramirez landed several unanswered shots, one after the other. The area around Jessie’s left eye was badly swollen. The bout would at least make to its full scheduled ten rounds. The two fighters touched gloves as the contest, which appeared to be a nine round shutout thus far for Ramirez approached the final bell. They traded shots in the middle of the ring just in time to hear it ring.


As expected, the three ringside judges were in agreement and awarded Eddie Ramirez a unanimous decision wins with respective scorecards of 98-92 and 99-91 (x2).


Additional Results from Trenton

Zhankhozh Turarov UD 8 Daniel Santos - Super Welterweight

Christopher Brooker UD 8 Gabriel Pham - Super Middleweight

Titus Williams MD 6 Jovany Fuentes – Featherweight

Tyrone Crawley Pts 6 Alexander Charneco - Super Lightweight

Darryl Bunting KO 2 Kyle Kurtz - Super Middleweight




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July 9, 2016


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