Danger Zone: Broner and Maidana Talk To The Media

Broner and Maidana face off
Broner and Maidana face off
By Marc Livitz: There is no written rule anywhere in the pages of boxing which states that two fighters are required to engage in a brash war of words in the weeks and days leading up to their respective matchup. Although it can be noted that the running of the mouth never seriously hurts the promotion of a fight before the opening bells sounds, there are still those of us who are quite content to refer to a boxer’s resume as a far more favorable choice of words. In just about ten day’s time, a pair of near perfect examples of such combatants will face off in San Antonio, Texas. WBA welterweight champion Adrien “The Problem” Broner will place his undefeated mark (27-0, 22 KO’s) on the line at the Alamodome on Saturday, December 14. Staring him down from just across the ring will be hard punching Argentine Marcos “El Chino” Maidana (34-3, 31 KO’s).
Cincinnati native Broner is by far no stranger to talking up his game prior, during and even after his contests. His six fight knockout streak was halted earlier this year when he was awarded a split decision win over Paul Malignaggi in June. Since then, some have suggested that Adrien isn’t one to fully commit himself to his craft, most likely due to recent television shots of him at a significantly higher weight than 147 pounds. He’s nevertheless been tagged as a slick and creative fighter who lets his opponents walk into various sorts of traps, as well as one who doesn’t take too many chances of the risky variety. Still, he’s managed to walk circles around his competition (save for Malignaggi) and near humiliate them in the ring as well.
Contrast that to his Buenos Aires, Argentina opponent. Marcos Maidana is mean. He sports numerous tattoos, including one of a Colt Python pistol on his waist. He doesn’t mix his words and so he simply prefers to let his staggering 92% knockout ratio tell the story. His fight record in fact boasts bigger names such as Victor Ortiz (TKO6), DeMarcus Corley (UD 12), Amir Khan (L, UD12), Erik Morales (MD12) and Devon Alexander (L, UD 10). He made Victor Ortiz quit. He survived a liver shot from Amir Khan in the first round and shockingly rose to his feet just moments after writhing in pain on the ring apron. Erik Morales stunned the world in April 2011 when he lasted a full twelve rounds with Maidana and gave a performance that jumpstarted his career. Since then, “El Chino” has lost only once. He was thoroughly out boxed and outwitted in February 2012 when Devon Alexander was wise enough to stay just clear of Maidana’s bull rush and cleverly land counter shots throughout the contest.
Many are wondering what to expect a week from Saturday. Thankfully, the wait will soon end. The evening’s contests originally scheduled as a pay per view telecast from Las Vegas were moved to the Alamo City. “Danger Zone” and will be televised in the United States on the Showtime network (8PM ET / 5PM PT). Each fighter as well as the promotional parties involved took questions from the media this afternoon. Selected highlights are listed below.
Richard Schaefer, CEO Golden Boy Promotions: “2013 will end with a bang for sure. This may be the best card we’ve ever put together. I don’t think we’ve ever put together such an evenly matched card and this is a big “thank you” for our fans. We’re expecting about 30,000 fans on the (December) 14th and San Antonio will be “party city”. This is one of the most talked about fights of the year. These are two fighters who don’t need an introduction. Both deliver and are fan favorites. It’s a dangerous fight for both Broner and Maidana. Marcos “El Chino” Maidana certainly knows how to knock people out and has one-punch knockout power. He’s knocking on the door of a world championship.”
Opening Statements, Marcos Maidana: “I’m excited to be part of this great boxing card. The last bits of training have been great. Adrien Broner has never fought anyone like me.”
Opening Statements, Adrien Broner: “I really don’t have to say too much. Just look what I’ve been doing to these boxers these past few years. A lot of people said that I’ve been picking my opponents, so that’s why I took this fight. I make great fighters look plain. This will be a hell of a fight. I can’t trash talk with someone who can’t speak English, so I won’t play the villain.”
“I hope he’s 110% ready and he doesn’t have a cold the week of the fight. He’s got a great coach and I respect him. Come December 14, I will be victorious. I don’t want any excuses. It doesn’t matter what I do. It doesn’t feel like I get the credit that I deserve. I wish him the best and I’m putting my heart on the line.”
Maidana on Choosing to fight Broner: “I’m not obsessed with fighting him. What I really want in my career is to be the WBA welterweight champion. Broner unexpectedly won that belt and so I want to take it from him. I want to knock him out. I’ve wanted that since they announced the fight. This guy is a provocative character and that made me train harder.”
Broner on fighting Maidana: “Marcos Maidana wants some attention. I’m happy that he’s willing to fight me because I know he won’t run from me. He’s knocked out all those guys because he’s been able to hit them. He can’t hit me. He has to hit me first.”
“I always say this: I don’t fight anyone the same. Maidana has to make me respect his power and his boxing skills. Once I make my adjustments in the ring, I’ll be fine. Paulie (Malignaggi) is a hell of a fighter but he couldn’t hit me flush with anything. Maidana is a hard puncher, but he has to hit me. I won’t let him do that. I don’t watch any tape. I know he’s coming to fight and he won’t lay down unless I make him lay down. I don’t have any problem with doing that.”
Adrien on Making Adjustments: “I don’t know how this fight will end. I just know that I’ll be victorious.”
On a Lack of Respect: “I’m self motivated. It comes with the territory of being an African American that’s one top. It won’t matter if I knock out Maidana in the first round. They’ll see find ways to criticize me. I can only be me. Most reporters have never thrown a punch in their lives, so I can’t listen to what they say. I don’t look for a knockout unless it presents itself. Once he shows me what he brings to the table, I’ll make the necessary adjustments.”
Maidana on fighting a slick boxer: “In the past, I may have had problems with slick boxers, but Broner isn’t one. I will make sure that Adrien respects me in the ring. I think he’s now an established welterweight, but he hasn’t been tested by a natural welterweight like me.”
Broner on boxing’s pound for pound list: “Honestly, I’d put myself in the top five. I’ll name them: Floyd Mayweather and then Andre Ward. For places three, four and five, I’ll put myself, Adrien Broner.”
On Moving Up in Weight: “I have to take it one fight at a time. Right now I am focused on Marcos Maidana. The hard punching and bone cracking Marcos Maidana. I know that this will be a tough fight, whether or not it’s easy for me or not. Skills win fights. If I had stayed at 135 pounds, then I would just be a big bully.”
“El Chino” Maidana on Preparing for Broner: “I’ve watched tapes of him, just like I always do when I’m preparing. He’s a great fighter, but he makes mistakes. I’m very confident for December 14.”
On Looking for a Knockout: “I’m going to San Antonio for the victory. Knockout or points, it doesn’t matter.”
December 3, 2013
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