Odom KO's Jackson In 3


Julius "The Chef" Jackson started well, but he overcommitted and paid the price for admiring his own handiwork. As a result, a punch which may as well have been laser guided from opponent Jerry "The King’s Son" Odom drove him face first to the floor in a staggering haze. The St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands boxer suffered his second knockout in as many contests. Late replacement fighter Odom likely did himself a great favor for advancing his career with the TKO win at the 1:57 mark of round three of the the super middleweight contest.


Odom (14-2-1, 13 KO’s, 1 NC) was patiently looking to land a big right but settled for hard body shots in the opening three minutes. Jackson (19-2, 15 KO’s) forced him into a corner and connected on a few head shots just before the bell. Julius remained patient, yet he was tagged with a left hook in the second as he moved out and away from his Washington, D.C. opponent. Jerry scored with a well placed right uppercut moments later. Jackson decided to use his six inch reach advantage more than he had been doing so he could box more effectively.


He traded shots with Odom early on in round three. Just past the midway point of the period, a perfectly placed right hand delivered by late replacement Jerry Odom sent Julius first to one knee and then face first to the canvas. Jackson tried to regain his footing and looked to stand back up, but referee Arthur Mercante, Jr. could easily see that he was unable to continue. He stopped counting at eight.


"Chinea Skims By Foster"


In one of the night’s featured bouts, Rolando "Iron Man" Chinea whittled his way to a hard fought, split decision win over O’Shaquie "Ice Water" Foster in an eight round lightweight contest.


Foster (10-2, 7 KO’s) utilized his left jab early and appeared to be at ease from the opening bell. He landed two solid left hands midway through the first. Chinea (13-1-1, 6 KO’s) tried to pressure him into the ropes but the task wasn’t easy as his opponent from Orange, Texas remained elusive. Rolando found better success throughout the second round. He kept pushing O’Shaquie into reverse and looked to keep the action close by forcing him to cave.


The third was much of the same, although Foster switched at times from orthodox to southpaw and was more in control if he could move the fighting into the middle of the ring. He connected with a three punch combination to the head early in round four. Chinea continued to drive his left shoulder into his east Texas adversary. The Caguas, Puerto Rico fighter tried to rough up Foster, only this time he found him ready. "Ice Water" Foster was beginning to move around much better. At the halfway mark, the bout was quite close.


O’Shaquie gained some momentum in the fifth. He was able to tag Rolando coming in as well as in close range to him. Chinea didn’t take the hint and kept moving forward. Another good combination landed for Foster late in round six. All rounds were close so far. One man was using the ring while the other was trying to shrink it. Foster’s inability to draw much power from his shots was primarily due to his tendency to stand square, thereby greatly reducing any mustard on his punches. "Iron Man" Chinea narrowly missed landing a solid right hand to the chin in the dying seconds of the seventh.


Pleasantries were skipped as they began the eighth and final round of the contest. This would be only the second time that each boxer would fight so deep into a bout and they each appeared fatigued. Much of the round saw Chinea pinning Foster to the ropes. "Ice Water" would try to punch his way out, but he’d find himself right back where he was just moments later. In the end, there’d be no winner via stoppage as the bell rang to end the entertaining contest. The three ringside judges turned in the following scores for the lightweight bout: 79-73 for Chinea (Don Ackerman), 77-75 for Foster (John McKay) and 78-74 for Chinea (Peter Hary) to award the split decision victory to Rolando Chinea.


Further Results from Foxwoods

Ian Green TKO 2 Khiary Gray Pitts – Middleweight

Jimmy Williams UD 6 Antonio Chaves Fernandez – Welterweight

Leroy Davila UD 4 Edgar Cortes - Super Bantamweight

Brent Venegas TKO 2 Christian Foster - Super Bantamweight

David Wilson MD 4 Kendrick Ball, Jr. – Middleweight

Divante Jones SD 4 Anthony Burgin – Lightweight


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July 23, 2016

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