Roman Downs Lopez In Nine

pic Tom Casino/Showtime
pic Tom Casino/Showtime

By Marc Livitz: Danny "The Baby Faced Assassin" Roman delivered a one sided beating and the first loss of Adam Lopez’s career en route to a ninth round TKO victory on Friday night. The WBA super bantamweight title elimination bout took place at the Bally’s Event Center in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Each man tested their jabs in the first. Roman (22-2-1, 8 KO’s) connected with a follow up right as his San Antonio opponent looked to find an opening of his own. He found more success in the second and his tactical approach allowed him to connect with a quick uppercut on the inside. Lopez (16-1-1, 8 KO’s) was quick with his jabs, yet Roman was just a step ahead. His right uppercut found continued fortune as with each throwing, Adam would continue to move to his left. Through the first three rounds, Lopez appeared to have dug himself into a small hole at the hands of his Los Angeles foe.

Body shots and more uppercuts highlighted the fourth round up to the point where Roman scored the contest’s initial knockdown. A perfectly timed left hook caught Lopez flush on the chin. He beat the eight count but with a bloodied nose. He was on his feet for just a matter of seconds before Roman sent him to the floor again, this time due to a left uppercut. Somehow, Adam survived a barrage of unanswered shots from Danny. The South Texas native laid against the ropes and absorbed a ton of leather. He walked slowly back to his corner and tried his best to regain his footing as the fifth began. Lopez was certainly showing worlds of guts and mettle, although his jab was forced and almost with the impact of a pillow. He tried to get Roman into a firefight to close the period.

As Adam did his best to make his way back into the bout, Danny was patiently waiting and landing counter shots. He popped Lopez with a looping left hook behind the ear. The contest moved to the seventh. "Mantequilla" Lopez was trudging back into the bout with his jab, yet he continued to leave himself open to Roman’s counter lefts as well as impressive body shots. Adam’s face was now swollen and his trainer, Ronnie Shields implored him to show improvement or risk having the bout halted as he left his corner to begin round eight. There wasn’t much he could do. His shots were to little or no effect and Daniel was simply pulling further and further away with the same counters he’d relied upon all night.

Ronnie Shields had his fighter’s safety in mind, yet Lopez wanted to continue on to the ninth. Matters may have been just a good, clean shot away. Body punches, uppercuts and unanswered rights landed again and again. Adam’s heart and determination were only going to get him so far tonight. At the round’s conclusion, Shields signaled to referee Harvey Dock that he wanted the fight stopped. With the victory, Danny Roman moved into prime position to fight for the WBA super bantamweight title. The two knockdowns in the fourth round was the key to the win.

Co-Main Report

Ellis Wins Dogfight With Brooker

In the evening’s co-main event, Ronald Ellis boxed and briefly brawled his way to a unanimous decision win over Christopher Brooker in an eight round, super middleweight clash. He remains undefeated.

Ellis (14-0-1, 10 KO’s) connected with an overhand right early in the first round and was certainly the aggressor through the opening minute. Brief exchanges and close-in contact was much the story thereafter. Brooker (11-3, 5 KO’s) pushed the action in parts of the second and tried to entice Ronald into a slugfest, who himself kept a high guard and utilized an accurate left jab. Ellis landed a short, compact body shot in the closing minute which seemed to awaken his Philadelphia opponent. "Ice Cold" Brooker used various tactics to commence the third, such as arm punches and tie ups. Many of his shots were thrown wide and he’d often return to a squared up position which allowed "Flat Line" Ellis to answer with his jab. Ronald’s best shot of the bout up to the minute landed just inside the fourth. An overhand right broke Brooker’s minimal defense and he followed this with a nice combination upstairs and to the body.

As the contest passed its midway point, the story became even clearer. Chris Brooker was looking to turn the fight into a rough, entangled brawl. Few shots of note were landed in round five. Ellis may have bought into the strategy just a bit. The Lynn, Massachusetts combatant would need to go back to what was working for him. Brooker came out aggressive to begin the sixth and tried to jump back into the bout. He moved in close but didn’t have much power in his punches and Ellis answered with multiple unanswered shots.

The story was much the same in the following period. Ronald used his jab and did his best to avoid Christopher’s wildly swung attempts. The bout moved to the eighth and final three minutes.

Brooker seemed to know his chances for a decision win had likely faded. He looked to land one meaningful punch to end the night. Ellis didn’t fall for any of it and continued to make his foe chase him and walk into jabs. The bell rang to end matters and to the observing eye, Ronald Ellis appeared to have earned a clear, unanimous win even with the large cut which opened above his right eye in the dying moments of the eighth. The ringside judges turned in the following scores: 77-75 and two at 79-73 to award the victory to Ronald "Flatline" Ellis.

Additional Results from Atlantic City

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