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If you are a promoter or content owner let SecondsOut TV maximise your revenue - contact Robert Waterman for more information.

Our unique technology allows us to stream content live and on demand through our Flash player onto any computer, whether it’s Microsoft Windows or Apple based.

The player can also tell which country the user is in, so we can geo target our content to comply with any rights that have been sold to other broadcasters.

Our technology also allows other websites to embed the player so we can get maximum exposure around the web, not just to SecondsOut fans. The embedded player feature all the same technology, so even if a website is in America with a user from the UK looking at the player, the player will detect the user is from the UK and allow or block the content accordingly.

The technology is also used to display the correct start time to the user, as this is often a confusing issue and can mean people log in at the wrong time and either miss the beginning, or even worse assume there is a technical problem and not watch at all.

Contact Robert Waterman for more information.

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