Charlie Wynn: stricken boxer needs our help

Following a freak injury suffered in sparring, London prospect Charlie Wynn saw his boxing career ended after just two pro fights and now desperately needs help

Charlie Wynn with trainer Ray Bull
Charlie Wynn with trainer Ray Bull

Boxers know the risks. Every time you enter the ring there is a possibility of injury and the higher you progress through the levels, the greater the chance that injury could be serious. Something the vast majority of fighters do not anticipate is suffering a career-ending and life-changing issue after just two pro fights and, even less so, such a tragedy befalling them in sparring.


That is what happened to Southwark welterweight Charlie Wynn who, back in March 2018, was a former amateur champion who found the sport late, at 19, but looked forward to a potentially bright future. Trained by the esteemed Ray Bull and working out of the respected iBox Gym in Bromley, Wynn had harnessed the amateur pedigree that took him to a number of titles and a National Elite quarter-final to win a pair of bouts over journeyman opposition.


Then, towards the end of an otherwise innocuous six-round spar, Charlie became weak and ultimately lost consciousness. He was rushed to hospital where a large brain bleed was diagnosed and, thankfully, emergency surgery saved his life. A portion of Charlie’s skull was removed to relieve pressure on his brain, but the organ remained seriously injured as a result of the bleed.


Charlie initially made a startling recovery, only for his health to once again deteriorate and further surgery became essential. He currently resides in a nursing home, away from devoted wife Alana and unable to resume his career as a self-employed electrician; the majority of his specialist needs are not available on the NHS. From a future with the whole world at his feet, Wynn now relies on the kindness of the boxing community to envisage a better life.


Dominic Negus and Ted Cheeseman, among others, have already contributed to the cause, while Steve Lillis will soon run the New York Marathon (on November 3) to raise money for Charlie. Now it’s time for the whole boxing world to do their bit.


A GoFundMe page has been set up, with a target of £50,000, to enable Charlie to return home and to adapt his house and care to meet his long-term needs. Please give whatever you can.

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