Vasyl Lomachenko vs Luke Campbell - Khan, Crolla & Walsh on how Luke can beat a boxing Jedi

With Luke Campbell attempting to defeat the imperious Vasyl Lomachenko in August, we asked Amir Khan, Anthony Crolla and Ryan Walsh what his tactics should be

Vasyl Lomachenko vs Guillermo Rigondeaux (Top Rank)
Vasyl Lomachenko vs Guillermo Rigondeaux (Top Rank)

Amir Khan
Former unified super-lightweight champion and Olympic medallist
I’d tell him to establish that jab early in the fight and not to throw single shots against someone like Lomachenko, because he will capitalise on that and hit you in between, while you’re waiting to throw again. So, when jabbing, Luke should double it up, but move in behind the second jab to smother Lomachenko’s work in close. He should throw combinations and throw fast flurries when he is inside and try to outwork him there; push him back with straight, fast shots.

Anthony Crolla
Former WBA lightweight champion & Lomachenko opponent
A lot of it depends on how aggressive Lomachenko comes out - we feel he came out very aggressively against me. With Luke I see it being a bit more of a boxing match, both showing their amateur pedigree. Lomachenko will look to prove he can outbox Luke, who was a world-class amateur and is a world-class fighter. Luke’s good at keeping it mid-to-long range, he showed that against Yvan Mendy, although he and Lomachenko are obviously very different. Luke’s strength is to keep it long, that fencing-type style. Luke certainly hits hard enough with the back hand and right hook and he seems to be working very well with Shane McGuigan. He needs to keep touching him with the jab then bowling that back hand in, either over the top or down the middle, then maybe spin off with a hook; he can’t over-commit with Lomachenko.

Ryan Walsh
Current British featherweight champion
To keep the fight at long range for as long as he can, use his height, range and physicality as much as possible to try to negate that constant, relentless energy. I’d advise tying Loma up and roughing him up as much as he can, risk losing a point or two just to annoy him. Be rough and dirty; being technical won’t do it. The Orlando Salido fight shows you need to be all of the above just to compete. Trying to outsmart and outwork Lomachenko is suicide; you have to try to unsettle him. Far, far easier said than done!

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