'Canelo' Alavrez About Criticism And The Last Year


Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez has spoken about the criticism he has received over the last year after twice testing positive for the banned drug clenbuterol on February 17 and February 20, 2018. Alvarez was handed a six month ban, preventing him from rematching Gennady Golovkin back in May.


After serving the ban Alverez has now been cleared to fight and will now face Golovkin in Las Vegas on September 15


Describing the last six months and how he feels about the criticism he has received, Alvarez said: “I’ve already spoke about what has happened. I want to turn the page on this and focus on this big fight on Sept. 15. I want to move forward. The people know. I gave the explanation I needed to give at the moment I needed to give it. I’m 100% focused on this upcoming fight and nothing more.


“I already touched on that topic. I already gave an interview on that topic. That was going to be the only and last interview that I was going to do on that topic so that I could turn the page on this chapter and so that we could all focus 100% on the fight. If there is any doubt, I would like for everyone to grab from there [the interview] because I won’t be saying the same thing to every single person. We gave an exclusive interview on this topic. I did to so that every one of you would refer to that interview regarding what happened.”


On the year that has passed:


“I always stay in shape. This has all served as experience, and I keep training, which is important. Thankfully, my body has been very good to me and has always been able to adapt quickly to everything. [During the time off] I dedicated myself to do other things. I needed to fix some things that I had pending. After being in the sport for 13 years, it also gave me some much-needed rest.”


On criticism:


“A lot of the criticism comes from people who don’t know. They just talk. Usually it’s just people who talk for the sake of talking. They don’t read about or know about what is going on. They just want to attack people. They don’t do anything with their lives besides attack people. But that’s why I just see them and see myself and know that it won’t affect me.”

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