Charlie Edwards Keen To Unify Flyweight Titles


New WBC flyweight champ Charlie Edwards has turned his thoughts towards unification fights after claiming the title in a huge upset against Cristofer Rosales at the 02 in London on December 22.


Edwards,14-1-(6), earned a wide points victory over the highly-rated Nicaraguan and is already thinking of the next step towards unification fights.


Edwards said: “I don’t feel satisfied. It’s made me more hungry. I want to unify the division and build a legacy. The hard work really does start now. It’s hard getting there but it’s even harder staying there so I’m completely focused on what’s next.


“I don’t feel any different. I’m buzzing to achieve a childhood dream but I don’t think it’ll sink in until after my career’s done because I’m the type of fighter who always thinks about what’s next.


“I’ve not been in mega-celebration mode. I haven’t been drunk or started eating non-stop. I didn’t even have a drink after the fight, if I’m honest. I’m an ultra-professional. We just enjoyed our time with our loved ones. It was nice to just have a conversation and actually catch up with a few people.


“I’m looking forward to 2019 now and I want to get what I actually deserve. I want to get all the fights I’ve wanted. I want to be in those big, competitive fights. I’m looking forward to getting the unification fights next year and keep building from there.”

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