Scott Fitzgerald EXCLUSIVE: I smacked Anthony Fowler about in second gear

Scott Fitzgerald reflects on his upset victory over Anthony Fowler, with Danny Flexen


After Scott Fitzgerald and Anthony Fowler caught their breath, following a 10th and final round in which the former had dropped his fellow unbeaten and hometown hero at Liverpool’s M&S Bank Arena, the pair briefly came together. Heads dipped in close, arms were placed onto shoulders and seemingly warm words were exchanged between the talented super-welterweights. The bitter and profane social media war had precipitated an absorbing contest, replete with both skill and will, but now hostilities had ceased and tensions had apparently ebbed away.

Fitzgerald got the split decision verdict, that knockdown having sealed an upset victory many observers had a touch wider, and both were left to reflect on a future that did not immediately involve the other. That is until "Madman" Fitzgerald listened to Fowler’s rather grudging post-fight assessment and declaration that he ’didn’t like’ his conqueror.

"I’m sorry about being disrespectful," he begins, but Scott doesn’t sound apologetic; he sounds positively joyful. "But Fowler is getting terrorised for a few more weeks now. I would have left it after smacking him about in second gear but after he said ’I don’t like the kid’. I woulda been okay, after he came over like a licky-a*** rat to tell me I could fight like f***, then I see the interview in the ring saying, ’I don’t like the kid.’ Well, I don’t like him either, the geek... it annoys me. I know he’s making good money, from his CBD [oil sponsorship], he quit his job, he’s doing that well, but if anyone ever asks me to do something and I can make 10%, I’m Robin Hood me, I’ll charge people 10% less to watch me. If he ever wants a rematch when I’m ready, at middle or light-middle, because I’m not messing about no more. I’m coming for everything."

While Fitzgerald has been busy celebrating and allowing badly swollen eyes to heal, he has not been completely oblivious to the social media reaction to his win. For whatever reason, a portion of ’boxing Twitter’ is vociferously opposed to Fowler and the Preston man defeating their nemesis has prompted quite the festive spirit among their number.

"That’s why I desperately wanted the fight with a rubbish fighter, before someone else beats him," Fitzgerald laughed. "I knew all I had to do was beat him to be loved by so many people; my phone has been off its tits! My eyes are puffed up - I shoulda moved my head a little bit more - but I appreciate everyone on Twitter having a buzz, please put that in."

The British Boxing Board of Control moved quickly earlier today to mandate Fitzgerald - replacing his victim from Saturday - as mandatory contender for British title-holder Ted Cheeseman. Purse bids are due next week. If that comes off, Scott may need to start a little faster than he did against Fowler though he rejects the general consensus that he lost the first two or three rounds.

"That’s bulls***," he stated, though with more bemusement than anger. "I watched it today, and I may be seeing things, but if that is the case then they’re the only ones I lost! I’m still half inexperienced but soon as I let my hands go I knew I was hurting him.
"I deserve everything now but they can have fights, I don’t mind that lad Ted, but I’m gonna beat him with ease I’m afraid, then go on a few holidays and, as soon as possible, I want [European champion who ended Cheeseman’s undefeated record, Sergio] Garcia. I want everything."

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