Luke Campbell: 5 things you may not know about the man planning to upset Vasiliy Lomachenko

Luke Campbell reveals some facts about himself you may not know ahead of his huge fight with Vasiliy Lomachenko

Luke Campbell
Luke Campbell

Luke Campbell… did not want to be a boxer as a child
“I didn’t really know what wanted to be, I think wanted to be an actor or a rally car driver as a very young lad. At one point, I wanted to go in the SAS. I didn’t start boxing until I was 13. I was playing rugby until then, I just thought it was cool.”

Luke Campbell… stayed with the sport when his friends and brother gave up
“How I first went, one of my friends from down the street asked me if I’d like to go that night. A couple of weeks later, he stopped going but me and my brother carried on. My brother is a year younger than me, and I’ve also got an older brother and older sister. We both lost our first two fights, but I had another pretty soon, he didn’t. I got the win, he was training then didn’t get no fights; he got a little bit bored of it. I lost seven of my first 10 amateur bouts. Why did I stick with it? I ask myself that question now. It’s mad init?”

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Luke Campbell… his wife and two sons all have first names beginning with the letter L
“It wasn’t a plan, no, it’s just worked out that way. My missus Lynsey is half-Dutch and Leo is a Dutch name, it comes from Leonardo. And I really liked the name Lincoln.”


Luke Campbell… helped deliver second son, Lincoln
“My missus said she had pains around midnight. The plan was a home birth, so I went to the garage to bring the birthing pool out, but by the time I’d dragged it into the kitchen, she said, ‘It’s too late, the baby’s coming! Luckily, her mum and dad lived a couple of doors away and they helped.”


Luke Campbell… proposed on horseback then got married at Disneyland
“If I’m gonna do something once then I’m gonna do it right, so I got a horse and galloped in on a horse. We got married In Disneyland; the first couple of years when we were getting together, we spent New Year there. And yes, McBusted played at our wedding. I’ll never be thankful enough to them. I’m good friends with [band member] Danny Jones, he got the lads together.”

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