Maxim Dadashev passes away at 28

Young fighter leaves behind wife and kids

Max 4 photo by Top Rank.jpg
Max 4 photo by Top Rank.jpg

Maxim Dadashev,28, passed away today from injuries suffered in his match with Subriel Matias last Friday night. Dadashev took a pounding from the heavy-handed Matias in the later rounds – until trainer Buddy McGirt waved the bout off after round 11.


He exited the ring on his own, only to collapse and began vomiting.


Dadashev was rushed to Prince George Hospital Center in Cleverly, MA where surgery was performed. It was soon reported that he had sustained significant brain damage.


From the editor: On a personal note, I spoke with Max on the phone a few weeks ago for an article that appeared on Maxboxing. He was so excited about his upcoming fight. He must have thanked me four times for taking the time to write about him. Don’t think that’s ever happened before.


He talked of his love of Americans, and America. His good friend Stan Martyniouk had helped him find an apartment. His family would soon be joining him. Now they’ll be accompanying his body home in a coffin.


I won’t go into the dangers of boxing - the men and woman who participate are very aware, as are the fans, and those of us who write about it. What I will say is this. I (or anyone who writes for this website) have never, and never will, call any boxer a bum, a loser, or a stiff. People that do should look themselves in the mirror. Most would never have the guts to climb into a boxing ring, where the risks are often loss of life.


We at extend our deepest condolences to the Dadashev family.


Rest in peace young man.

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