Seek and destroy: Ryan Murata takes care of Rob Brant in rematch

Determined Ryan Murata stops Rob Brant 

Brant v Murata rematch
Brant v Murata rematch

Revenge can be sweet.


Just ask Ryan Murata.


The 2012 Olympic gold medalist served up some major hurt on Rob Brant, avenging a shocking title loss last October with a brutal second round knockout at the EDION Arena in Osaka, Japan Friday night.


With the victory, Murata regained his WBA “regular” middleweight title.


The fight started quickly. Murata (15-2, 12 KOs) was the aggressor, while Brant (25-2, 17 KOs) jabbed, moved, and went to the body. Murata pressed forward, timing Brant with head shots - his hometown crowd roaring with every punch he landed. Brant, defending his title for the second time, punched back, but it was apparent that Murata, unlike their first fight, was ready for Brant’s high-volume punching. His intensity might have caught Brant off guard. This wasn’t same guy he fought last year.


Murata,33, dug to the body and head. A right to the chin caused Brant’s right leg to buckle. The soon to be ex-champion fought back, but Murata landed two more shots at the bell.


In round two, Brant,28, moved to his left and let his hands go. Murata, nonplussed, looked to counter. He was the stronger fighter and seemed to sense it. A left hook to the ribs landed. Brant was boxing, while Murata was pressing the action. He went to the body and head. A combination wobbled Brant. Murata pursued – letting his hands go. Brant tried to stay away, but was eating punches.


Murata stalked and rocked. Finally, a culmination of blows sent Brant to the canvas. Brant got up quickly, and nodded to the referee. He was badly hurt. Murata wasted little time going after him. He fired shot after shot. Brant fell into the ropes. His legs were barely able to keep him upright. Murata kept punching. A double left hook to the ribs and head dazed Brant some more. He wobbled to the ropes—where Murata unloaded some more, forcing the referee to call a halt to the fight.


The time 2:34 seconds into round two.

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