Former Champ Arrested


Former WBO featherweight boxing champion Scott Harrison has been arrested for allegedly stealing food and going on a mini rampage at a supermarket near Glasgow in Scotland.


The 34 year was recently released from a Spanish jail last year after serving a sentence for theft and assault.


A spokeswoman for Strathclyde Police confirmed a man had been arrested in connection with an alleged theft and minor public disorder offence.


A witness to the incident at the Tesco supermarket in Dalmarnock in the early hours of Wednesday morning told dailyrecord, “I’ve never seen anything like it. Scott Harrison looked dishevelled, as if he had been in the wars or on some kind of bender.


“He and the other guy were making no sense at all.


“They were shouting and swearing, even at each other, and although the store was in no way busy at 2.30 in the morning, other customers were keeping their heads down.


“They were opening food packets and helping themselves while shouting at staff and other customers.


“I was surprised at the patience of the staff, who tried to reason with them.


“The final straw, though, was when the other guy reached into his pocket and produced car keys as they were about to leave.


“That left the staff no choice and they called the police.


“To put a tin hat on it, Harrison tried to leave the store with his pockets bulging with food he had clearly not paid for.


“As soon as they got out the door, Harrison stopped, moved to the side of the doors and relieved himself down the front of a display window.


“It was absolute madness and the police were here in no time after they were called.


“About six police cars arrived and I saw at least one inspector, so they were not messing about.


“There was hardly a whimper from either of them after the police arrived.”



Another told the Daily Record: “Food was being thrown about the aisles by these two idiots.


“I don’t care who this guy is or what his problems are, his behaviour was a disgrace. There were crisps everywhere. He showed no respect for anyone.


“He looked like he’d been dragged through a hedge backwards.


“Both were clearly the worse for wear on booze or drugs or both. They looked like they’d been on a two-day bender.”


The pair are thought to have arrived at the store in a Ford Transit van shortly after 2am.


Another witness said: “Some of the nightshift cabbies were in the store. Some tookexception, but when they saw who was involved most took a step back.

“But I think some people felt sorry for the boy, because his problems are well known.”


The alleged incident took place at a Tesco superstore in Rutherglen on Wednesday.

Harrison was later released.


March 21, 2012

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