Sanchez Makes Quick Work Of Jake


By Marc Livitz: Frank “The Freedom Fighter” Sanchez may have needed more time than what usually elapses across two rounds to knock out Willie Jake, yet he made up for lost minutes after an equipment mishap halted the action in a very short heavyweight contest.


The bout itself, at the StageWorks Center in Shreveport, Louisiana, was delayed by nearly fifteen minutes after the top rope in the ring separated from the posts. Once matters were settled, referee Bruce McDaniel instructed each man to ready himself and it remained to be seen as to whether or not Sanchez (11-0, 9 KO’s) could continue the success he’d managed in the opening three minutes.


The former Cuban national champion jabbed well and connected with nicely placed hooks. Just as the wood clacked to signify ten seconds to go in the round, Willie Jake (8-2-1, 2 KO’s) was sent crumbling, face first to the canvas. Replays didn’t exactly show what, if any punch ended the night, but the Indianapolis fighter had clearly had enough. The bout ended officially at the 2:59 mark.


Additional Results from Shreveport

Featherweight: Ruben Villa UD 8 Ruben Cervera

Welterweight: Andre Byrd SD 6 Blake Franklin

Middleweight: Mikey Dahlman UD 4 Chukka Willis

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