Chris Algieri stops Tommy Coyle in action packed super lightweight contest

Chris Algieri punches and boxes his way to victory over Tommy Coyle

Algieri vs. Coyle
Algieri vs. Coyle

Possibly earning one more shot at a world title, former WBO super lightweight champion Chris Algieri (24-3, 9 KOs) stopped Tommy Coyle (25-5, 12 KOs) Saturday night after eight rounds at Madison Square Garden in New York, New York.


Algieri,35, said after the fight that his goal was to knock Coyle out. He began the bout aggressively, firing inside hooks. In round two, being aggressive hurt as a huge Coyle right staggered him. Algieri sagged but stayed up.


He did better in round three and four, mixing boxing and slugging. A solid left hook to the liver sent Coyle to the canvas. Getting up grimacing, the English fighter beckoned Algieri to bring it. The native New Yorker did, but Coyle fought back. Algieri went back to boxing in round five. He popped Coyle with jabs and hooks. Coyle,29. connected with a hard right to the chin.


Algieri went back downstairs in round six. Coyle connected with two rights and head snapping jab. Algieri was boxing well, but was forced into the ropes and ate a number of shots. An Algieri combination wobbled Coyle in round seven. The gutsy Coyle fought back, but Algieri connected with solid shots throughout the round. Algieri continued his onslaught in round eight.


Coyle looked gassed and hurt. He was eating three to land one. Coyle staggered to his corner at the bell. A few seconds later, his corner told the referee the fight was over.


“I made it tougher than I needed to be, but I got it done,” said Algieri.

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