Josh Kelly and Ray Robinson battle to majority draw

In a see-saw battle, Josh Kelly and Ray Robinson fight to majority draw


Josh Kelly, facing the toughest test of his career, was lucky to escape with a majority draw over a determined Ray Robinson Saturday night at Madison Square Garden in New York, New York.


The scores were 96-95 for Kelly, and 95-95 (twice).


Robinson, a southpaw came out boxing. He stuck out his long jab and tried to set the pace. Kelly, bobbing and weaving connected with a left hook. He followed with combination and two lead right hands. Robinson was looking to counter, but Kelly (9-0-1, 6 KOs) was beating him to the punch. Robinson did connect with a right hand and uppercut.


Kelly, a cutie, shifted and fired awkward punches in round three. Robinson was having problems touching Kelly. He went to the body and found some success.


In round four, Kelly stuck out chin and mocked Robinson. He was shucking and jiving while Robinson remained impassive. Solid punching was limited.


Kelly connected with another lead right in round five. Robinson (24-3-2, 12 KOs) landed a number of inside of shots. Kelly let his hands go, but Robinson fought back.

Robinson opened up round six punching. Bodywork was his best friend. Kelly bounced and walked away. He needed to punch more. A right hook landed. Robinson was cut near his right eye.

With three rounds to go, the fight had to be close.


Robinson forced Kelly into the ropes and fired. Almost all of them missed. Kelly fought back, but Robinson was doing slightly better. The 25-year old British fighter was bleeding as well.


In round eight, Robinson continued to push forward. Kelly landed a solid left hook. Robinson connected with a chopping blow. Kelly came back with two solid rights to win the round. Kelly was countering well. His edge in speed was paying dividends. Robinson connected with a left but ate a solid left from Kelly. Another straight right connected. Robinson rallied in the last thirty seconds of the stanza.


“A good fight, let’s do it again,” said Kelly.


“I felt like I outworked him,” said Robinson who’s last two bouts, against favored fighters, were ruled majority draws.


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