Alvarez-Lara, The Aftermath 

Alvarez claimed victory over Lara
Alvarez claimed victory over Lara

Styles make Fights


By Andrew Rivera: So the Canelo Alvarez/ Erislandy Lara ended in a 12 round split decision win for Canelo, yes it was close and some may think Lara won, but in boxing these things will happen when you get a contrast in styles. This has happened throughout boxing history where an aggressive fighter like Canelo edges a slick fighter like Lara.


I’ve seen on social media the divide on who won is split, some Canelo supporters say he won, some say Lara won.


Myself,I think Canelo had the edge and I watched it twice, once with the commendatory on and once without; yes the commentators can "wag the dog" and persuade fans on the outcome with their opinion.


Let’s take the fan and heart out of it and go off the fight. Canelo is loved by many and is considered a boxing superstar, some envy him and I’ve heard in boxing circles and by "fans" that they don’t think he deserves that status because he’s too young or hasn’t fought anyone to earn it. Is it his fault he is handsome and marketed well? No, it’s his job to earn the most money he can in the sport he loves, can’t fault him for that.


Let’s look at fights in the past and the outcome that had fans split, most recently Mayweather/Maidana. A lot of people feel Maidana’s pressure and punch output was enough to defeat the silky skills of Mayweather. On the other side some felt Mayweather did enough to out box Maidana and retain his title.


Again it was a close fight and the styles made the fight, the outcome was close and depending on the style you like, not the person or who you don’t like. It was a close fight.


One of the most split fights in boxing history that epitomizes styles was Marvelous Marvin Hagler vs Sugar Ray Leonard. I myself had Hagler winning the fight in a close fight 115-113, but I am a Hagler fan. I have seen the fight over 50 plus times and I promised myself to be objective and judge it over and over again. Leonard fought a great fight and I love him as well, there are times I see the slick fighter in him eking out a win, but I like pressure fighters who make the fight, hence me having Hagler winning close.


Has there been bad decisions in Boxing? Hell yes, will there be more in the future ? Yes there will be. Was Canelo vs Lara a bad decision ? No , it was a contrast in styles and what the judges saw. I’m from New Mexico as is Judge Levi Martinez, he is a good judge and maybe he was a little off with 117-111, we’re not at ringside like he is, were human and he saw something we didn’t see, although we don’t have to agree but he was selected to judge the fight.


If his score was 115-113 for Canelo would there be an outcry like today? Probably not, yet we as writers’ , fans are quick to jump on Martinez.


Again it boils down to what style you like not be biased on who you like or don’t. Do you like a slick boxer who lands a little and looks cute doing it or a fighter who presses forward aggressive who lands the harder shots and makes the fight?


I love boxing and have the honor of giving my opinion in a world wide forum, people may agree or disagree, thats what makes boxing great or as historian Larry Merchant would say " the theater of the unexpected."


Was this fight a robbery? Not at all, was it close? Yes , it’s what makes this a great sport and makes us come back for more.


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July 13, 2014


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