Marcos Maidana Hopes Mayweather Will Fight “Like A Man”


By Marc Livitz: 2013 ended on the highest of notes for Marcos “El Chino” Maidana. The hard punching Argentine walked through the always brash and boisterous Adrien Broner to capture the WBA welterweight crown. Six months later, he found himself a part of a multi million dollar promotion entitled “The Moment” opposite Floyd Mayweather, Jr. The bout itself couldn’t have started any better for Marcos as he went on to not only throw but also land more punches on “Money” Mayweather than any of the champion’s previous opponents.


After he threw punches in bunches and effectively pushed around and slightly busted up the sport’s number one pound for pound fighter (whether in the form of public opinion or self acclaimed), the man from Buenos Aires, Argentina turned more than just a few heads and sparked more than one heated conversation, especially after the final scorecards were announced. Maidana found himself on the losing end of a majority decision loss, which was ultimately a call that many agreed could have gone either way. The knowledge that a champion’s title has to be taken and earned instead of hoped for was on full display.


On September 13th, “The Moment” will give way to “Mayhem” and as evidenced today through an international media conference call, Marcos Maidana (35-4, 31 KO’s) is pulling out all the stops. He seems to be aware that nothing short of a pugilistic coup would wrest Floyd Mayweather’s unbeaten record from him save for a clearly defined knockout victory. Together with his trainer Robert Garcia, “Chino” is hoping that his two-plus month training camp will pay off instead of the expedient nature of preparing for Mayweather earlier this year. He had just welcomed his baby girl into the world just before the fight last May. In addition, Maidana rehydrated to nearly twenty pounds over the welterweight limit of 147 twenty four hours after the weigh in.

Selected Highlights Are Listed Below


Leonard Ellerbe, CEO of Mayweather Promotions: “This is a rematch and the first bout was tremendous. He (Maidana) proved to many fans that he was force to be reckoned with. Many people thought that he won the fight. He has the chance to prove the first fight was no joke. We know he’ll be one hundred percent prepared and with a tremendous amount of confidence because we know that he thinks that he’s broken the “Mayvinci” code.”

Eric Gomez, Matchmaker for Golden Boy Promotions: “This is a great opportunity for Marcos Maidana. He’s training hard and he’s ready to fight. Robert (Garcia) has been training him well and we feel that this is the time to finally beat Mayweather.”


Robert Garcia, Trainer of Marcos Maidana: “Training camp has been going great and everyone’s done a super job. Sparring and sparring partners have all led to a full training camp. We’re not short on anything. This is the best camp I’ve had with “Chino” so far.”


Marcos Maidana Opening Statements: “I’ve been training hard and I’m ready for September 13th.”


Maidana on Seeking a Knockout: “I don’t think so. I think can win by decision or knockout. The first fight was a split decision. I’ll need to make a few changes. A knockout would be nice, though.”


“During the first fight, my pressure was good but I didn’t do well controlling the distance and I didn’t extend my punches. This time around I think I could hurt him if I catch him inside.”


Robert Garcia on Changing Maidana’s Style: “We need to have a little more distance and control. His punches have been crisper in camp. The sparring partners have all said that he’s been punching even harder. We had a shorter camp last time because he had just become a father. This time we’ll see that nine weeks compared to five weeks will make a big difference.”


“Maidana is going to pressure him. Mayweather can’t do anything different anymore, but we can.”


Marcos’s Thoughts on Getting a Rematch – Was He Lucky?: “I don’t care either way. My concern is winning the fight and I’ll do that this time. I don’t know the details. My manager called and told me we got the rematch and so I was happy. I think I got the rematch because the first bout was so close. He might think that he has something to prove.”


“I’m training to win. I know Mayweather now and what to expect. I’ve had adequate time to prepare. The rematch is advantage for me. I can correct the mistakes I made in the first fight. I can also exploit his mistakes even though he doesn’t make very many.”


Robert Garcia on the same: “A rematch with Maidana was the only thing that made sense. He (Mayweather) knew that he really didn’t have any other options.”


“El Chino” on age playing a factor for the 37 year old Mayweather: “I think age means nothing. He’s a good athlete and always in shape. I think that it was his decision to stand and fight with me last time. I hope he does it again and fights like a man. Hopefully he won’t spend the fight running.”


Garcia’s Added Comments: “We hope he will want to please the crowd just like he said he wanted to last May. We’d like him to stand with us and trade so we can see who the stronger man is.”


Maidana’s Comments on letting off the pressure last May: “That had a lot to do with conditioning. I let him box and move. I forced him to fight with the amount of pressure that I put on him. I’ll do that for a full twelve rounds this time if I have to. I’m not going to respect him. I going to go at him and make him fight. I hope he fights like a man and doesn’t cry like a little bitch. I am preparing for everything. If he runs, then I will chase him.”


“It’s difficult to knock out someone who runs like Floyd does. I don’t care if he calls me a dirty fighter. He does some stuff in there, too. I forced him to fight. I don’t care what he said. I wouldn’t let him box that night.”


On Negating Floyd’s Shoulder Roll Defense: “I’ll hit him the shoulders and hit him in the arms to take his advantages away from him. By the ninth round, he won’t be able to defend himself.”


Robert Garcia’s Final Thoughts: “Maidana will bring it. He was anger and desire. He hopes that Floyd stands and fights. I think that Floyd is going to hear Marcos loud and clear.”


August 26, 2014

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