Jean Pascal knocks Marcus Browne down three times, wins fight by technical decision

Jean Pascal shocks Marcus Browne

Browne vs. Pascal .jpg
Browne vs. Pascal .jpg

Though losing at least five of eight rounds, former light heavyweight champion Jean Pascal balanced the books with knockdowns en route to a technical decision victory over a shocked Marcus Browne.


The fight was stopped in round eight at the 1:49 second mark due to an accidental head butt. Because of this the ringside judges would decide it. All three had Pascal winning by a 75-74 tally.


Browne, a southpaw, moved slightly and popped his right jab in the opening stanza. He cracked Pascal with body shots and a good left. Pascal also found success to the body but the first round appeared to go to Browne.


In rounds two and three, Browne, with a slight advantage in height and reach, continued to catch Pascal with blows. Pascal was having problems timing Browne. He tried jumping inside but was short with most of his punches. Browne,28, landed a left hook that wobbled Pascal.


In round four, Pascal, huge underdog, turned the fight around. He caught Browne with a perfect right hook that floored him. The soon to be former champ got up smiling. Pascal tried to end things, but Browne held on and punched back at the bell. Browne was back in control in round five. He cracked Pascal with a solid right and a couple of combinations.


The cagey Pascal,36, tried to time Browne in round six. Browne stayed out of range and boxed. He was beating Pascal to the punch. His jab was consistent, but he was still dropping his right hand. This would ultimately be his downfall.


Pascal up the aggressiveness in round seven. He was willing to eat shots to get inside. His gutsy effort paid off as he caught Browne again with a big right hand. Browne stumbled to the floor. Seconds later, Browne was down again. Pascal’s moxie and power had got him back in the fight.

Pascal went for the knockout in round eight. He unloaded shots to the head and body.


Browne came out of clinch with a wicked cut due to an accidental hit butt. The fight was immediately stopped on advice by the ringside physician. Blood was streaming down Browne’s face.


“I dropped him three times,” said Pascal. “I did enough to win the fight.”

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