Tyson Fury opponent Otto Wallin: manager explains why the Swede is a serious threat

Zach Levin, co-manager of Otto Wallin, tells us some important facts about the man who will meet Tyson Fury on September 14 in Las Vegas

Otto Wallin
Otto Wallin

“Otto has an unflappable quality to him. Obviously the lights are going to be brighter than he has ever experienced and Fury will do everything he can to impose that on Otto, but he’s a very solid person, psychologically and emotionally; he keeps things simple in the best possible way.

“He’s going to make the most of this opportunity. I believe on the 14th it’s going to be one more night when we say the heavyweight division is more interesting than we ever thought. It’s not going to be a Tom Schwarz fight, Otto is a real handful. It’s true that he’s not had those step-up fights, but he is a clever fighter, an awkward southpaw, he’s cerebral.

“He’s sparred hundreds of rounds with Anthony Joshua as the chief sparring partner for the Charles Martin fight. Otto is very honest – if he’s had a bad sparring session or someone gives him trouble, he’ll say so - but felt he gave Joshua a real hard time. Otto’s game and he sees this as all the pressure being on Fury, who has everything to lose. Otto has got quiet confidence, and he’s one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet; he has a wholesome, boy-next-door quality.

“I’m 5ft 10ins and 175lbs and sometimes, when we talk, I start to think I’m the same size as him. Then he stands up! But he’s disarming, he doesn’t seem that intimidating and that works to his benefit. The guy grinds hard. He’s incredibly disciplined, always in shape, very fastidious and just a pleasure to work with.”

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