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Thomas Hauser is the author of 34 books including 'Muhammad Ali: His Life And Times'. In 2005, he was honored by the Boxing Writers Association of America, which bestowed the Nat Fleischer Award for career excellence in boxing journalism upon him. He was the first Internet writer ever to receive the honor. Thomas describes writing for as a chance to 'explore new frontiers and deliver cutting-edge material to website readers'. His next book - ‘The Greatest Sport of All' - will be published by the University of Arkansas Press later this year.


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Lamon Brewster and the Medical Mess

By Thomas Hauser: It has been widely reported that Lamon Brewster suffered a detached retina in his left eye in the first round of his April 1st WBO heavyweight title fight against Sergei Liakhovich in Cleveland, Ohio.

However, multiple sources tell SecondsOut that these reports don't tell the whole story. Yes, Brewster suffered a detached retina during the Liakhovich fight. But his eye was injured BEFORE the bout. Lamon Brewster and the Medical Mess


By Thomas Hauser

Some fighters let their fists do their talking for them. Not Paulie Malignaggi.

Malignaggi is a flashy dresser with a big mouth who's basically a good guy. He's also a walking poster boy for hair gel and wears so many tassels on his boxing shoes that it's like fighting with five-pound weights on his feet. Paulie

James Toney, Hasim Rahman, and the Battle of the Bulge

By Thomas Hauser
"Boxing," Jon Saraceno once wrote, "remains in a perpetual eight-count time warp." To prove that theory, one need look no further than today's heavyweight muddle.

There was a time when a heavyweight championship bout was a seismic event in the world of sports. Now, with four "champions," few people know when a title fight is taking place, let alone care. James Toney, Hasim Rahman, and the Battle of the Bulge

Elite Referees Recall Their Most Memorable Fight

By Thomas Hauser
Fighters are never alone in the ring. Metaphorically, yes; but not literally. There's always a third man. Yet fans tend to forget the referee unless there's controversy or worse.

Dave Barry is enshrined in boxing lore as the arbiter who presided over the "long count" in the second bout between Jack Dempsey and Gene Tunney. Elite Referees Recall Their Most Memorable Fight

Sound and Fury

By Thomas Hauser
As Muhammad Ali grows older, there have been myriad books that view him in middle-age and seek to put his accomplishments in perspective. These efforts have been of varying merit. For example, The Soul of a Butterfly purports to be Ali's own reflections on life's journey. Unfortunately, his "reflections" include Muhammad reminiscing about a thirteenth-round knockout of Joe Frazier in 1974 at Madison Square Garden. Sound and Fury

The Opponent

By Thomas Hauser
Early on the evening of February 16th, Anthony Ottah took the subway from his home in Brooklyn to 34th Street in Manhattan. The Opponent

Larry Merchant: Football Player

By Thomas Hauser

This Saturday is a time of celebration. Larry Merchant, the heart and soul of HBO Boxing, will turn 75. Merchant was born in New York on February 11, 1931. He's best known to sports fans for his association with the sweet science. But his first love was football, and he was pretty good on the gridiron. Larry Merchant: Football Player

Manny Pacquiao: Where the Money Is Going

By Thomas Hauser
During the build-up to the January 21, 2006, rematch between Erik Morales and Manny Pacquiao, a great deal was said about the relationship between Pacquiao and his former promoter, Murad Muhammad. Pacquiao's current management team maintained that the Filipino hero had been badly exploited by Muhammad, and that there would be no more exploitation in the future. In examining what has happened since then, it makes sense to let the numbers speak for themselves. Manny Pacquiao: Where the Money Is Going

The Heavyweight Not-So-Merry Go-Round

Thomas Hauser surveys the fate of the heavyweight division in the post-Lennox-Lewis era. And in a SecondsOut exclusive, he reveals the fight by-fight predictions of twenty experts who were asked what the results would be if the ten leading heavyweights in the world fought each other?

The first-place finisher?

JAMES TONEY The Heavyweight Not-So-Merry Go-Round

Mayweather-Judah Goes Down the Drain

By Thomas Hauser
It would have been a great writers' fight. Floyd Mayweather Jr is at or near the top of most pound-for-pounds lists. Zab Judah was the undisputed 147-pound champion of the world. But forget about pound-for-pound. With these guys, it's carat-for-carat. Mayweather-Judah Goes Down the Drain

Fighters of the Decade

By Thomas Hauser
A. J. Liebling once wrote of the importance of tradition in boxing with the words, "The sweet science is joined onto the past like a man's arm onto his shoulder." Fighters of the Decade

Jermain Taylor Does It Again

Taylor-Hopkins II was the last big fight of 2005. Thomas Hauser was with Team Taylor in the days leading up to the fight and in Taylor's dressing room during the climactic hours just before the fight. Now he tells the full story of that dramatic week. Jermain Taylor Does It Again

Boxing Gloves

By Thomas Hauser

The Romans forced gladiatorial slaves into combat wearing cesti weighted with iron spikes on their fists. Getting hit with cesti must have hurt. Now boxers wear gloves; not to protect an opponent's face but to safeguard their hands.

Modern gloves date to John Broughton, whose "Broughton's Rules" governed boxing from their promulgation in 1743 until 1838, when the London Prize Ring Rules were adopted. Boxing Gloves

Fighter Safety and the Nevada State Athletic Commission

By Thomas Hauser

Every now and then, a chain of events reveals rot within a respected institution.

In recent years, the Nevada State Athletic Commission has been wrestling with a series of high-profile medical incidents. Through it all, Flip Homansky has been the commission's leading proponent of proper medical care for fighters. Homansky was appointed to the commission five years ago. Prior to that, he served as a ringside physician for two decades. Fighter Safety and the Nevada State Athletic Commission

Olympic Boxing: Scoring the Fights

By Thomas Hauser
The Beijing Olympics are three years away. The London games are seven years in the future. But reform comes slowly in the convoluted world of international sports, so now is the time to take a long hard look at how Olympic boxing is scored. Olympic Boxing: Scoring the Fights

Roy Jones Jr. and Antonio Tarver

SPECIAL REPORT: Roy Jones Jr boycotted the media as he prepared for Tarver-Jones III. But in Jones's dressing room during the hours before the fight, Thomas Hauser had access to one of the most intriguing personalities and unique fighters to ever grace a boxing ring. Click here for Hauser's remarkable report on Roy Jones and Antonio Tarver. Roy Jones Jr. and Antonio Tarver

Wladimir Klitschko vs. Samuel Peter

By Thomas Hauser
Knockout power is an aphrodesiac in boxing.

Boxing is starving for a marketable heavyweight.

Because of those realities, a lot of dreams were riding on Samuel Peter's broad shoulders when he arrived at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City last Saturday night. Wladimir Klitschko vs. Samuel Peter

Keeping An Eye On "The Contender"

By Thomas Hauser
When boxing fans last saw The Contender, the TV reality show conjured up images of the Titanic after the iceberg. One week before its May 24th grand finale, NBC announced that it was canceling the series. Then, for good measure, the network put the Contender's championship fight between Sergio Mora and Peter Manfredo up against the finals of American Idol. Keeping An Eye On "The Contender"

Happy Birthday, Jimmy Glenn

By Thomas Hauser
Jimmy's Corner is a blue-collar bar on 44th Street between 6th and 7th Avenues in Manhattan. It's open seven days a week from an hour before noon until to 4:00 AM.

Every square foot is covered with photographs of fighters and posters heralding long-ago ring confrontations. Happy Birthday, Jimmy Glenn

Lem Satterfield

By Thomas Hauser Sometimes the lives of boxing writers are as interesting as the lives of the people we write about.

Lem Satterfield was born in Washington DC on September 2, 1962. Lem Satterfield

In The Ring

By Thomas Hauser
Most people have been on a baseball diamond and a basketball court. At least once in their life, they've walked across a football field. But relatively few people have ever set foot inside a boxing ring. In The Ring

Hopkins v Taylor: The Changing of the Guard

By Thomas Hauser: On August 26, 2000, Jermain Taylor witnessed a professional boxing match in person for the first time. "I had just qualified for the 2000 Olympics," he recalls. "Some guy took the entire US Olympic boxing team to Las Vegas on his private jet to see Fernando Vargas fight Ross Thompson. Vargas knocked him out. Dominick Guinn was on the undercard and knocked his opponent out too. That was special to me because Dominick and I are both from Arkansas." Hopkins v Taylor: The Changing of the Guard

The Downward Spiral

By Thomas Hauser
The current FBI probe into boxing has broadened to include a manslaughter investigation into the death of Bradley Rone. The Downward Spiral

The Future of Boxing and the Internet

By Thomas Hauser
The major media has largely abandoned boxing. Twenty years ago, virtually every big-city newspaper had a writer whose primary responsibility was to cover boxing. Now some newspapers haven't staffed a fight since Lewis-Tyson. Many newspapers don't even print the results of championship fights anymore. The Future of Boxing and the Internet

Birthday Greeting For Rocky Marciano

By Thomas Hauser Hello, Rocky. Big day coming up. On September 1, you'll be eighty years old. Birthday Greeting For Rocky Marciano

Is A Scandal Brewing At ESPN ?

By Thomas Hauser
Five years ago, when ESPN inaugurated ESPN2 Friday Night Fights, the network promised viewers an experience reminiscent of Gillette Friday Night Fights from the 1950s. Now the public might be getting a rerun of ABC's scandal-ridden 1977 United States Boxing Championships. Is A Scandal Brewing At ESPN ?

Lennox Lewis: Nothing Left To Prove

By Thomas Hauser One year ago, like Shakespeare's Caesar, Lennox Lewis bestrode the world of heavyweight boxing like a colossus. Lennox Lewis: Nothing Left To Prove

Christmas Carol

By Thomas Hauser and Charles Dickens Boxing was dead. There was no doubt about that. Christmas Carol

Don King Does Atlantic City

By Thomas Hauser The term "world champion" has a different meaning today than in the past. Don King Does Atlantic City

Vitali Klitschko Crashes Joe Mesi's Garden Party

By Thomas Hauser December 6 was supposed to be Joe Mesi's night. Vitali Klitschko Crashes Joe Mesi's Garden Party

Brener Zwikel are one of the best

By Thomas Hauser
There are very few companies in professional boxing that are known for decency and competence and are universally liked. Brener Zwikel are one of the best

Roy Jones and RJ

By Thomas Hauser Roy Jones Jr is the most gifted fighter of his time. Roy Jones and RJ

Bordello Boxing

By Thomas Hauser Okay, gang. Listen up. This is a good one. Bordello Boxing

Shame On Boxing

By Thomas Hauser

Sources in Mexico say that Marco Antonio Barrera underwent brain surgery in 1997 and has been fighting with a metal plate in his head ever since. Shame On Boxing

The Warrior

By Thomas Hauser
Fighters do things that most of us can only fantasize about, endure pain that most of us can't imagine, and go places that most of us will never go. Evander Holyfield is as pure a fighter as there is in boxing. He enobles the sport. The Warrior

Bill Cayton - 1918-2003

By Thomas Hauser In October of last year, Bill Cayton told me that he had inoperable cancer in both lungs. Bill Cayton - 1918-2003

Odds and Ends

The Battle Over "Who's A Promoter?"

By Thomas Hauser Oscar De La Hoya versus Shane Mosley was the second most important fight in boxing last week. The Battle Over "Who's A Promoter?"

George Foreman on Setting an Example

By Thomas Hauser This is the fifth year in a row that I've devoted a holiday column to some thoughts from George Foreman. George Foreman on Setting an Example

The Tip of the Iceberg

By Thomas Hauser
On Tuesday, January 9th, a dozen FBI agents raided the offices of Top Rank, Bob Arum's promotional company, in Las Vegas. The raid was conducted pursuant to a sealed search warrant. The agents seized computers, boxing contracts, medical records, and financial documents. The Tip of the Iceberg

Christy and Laila

By Thomas Hauser There's a time-honored rite of passage in boxing. And it can be ugly. A great fighter gets old. Christy and Laila

Are HBO and Showtime "Promoters" ?

By Thomas Hauser
The United States Senate adjourned for its August recess last week without voting on legislation that would create a federal boxing commission. Are HBO and Showtime "Promoters" ?

Once Again, Don King and George W. Bush

By Thomas Hauser On several occasions, I've posted transcripts of telephone conversations between Don King and George W. Once Again, Don King and George W. Bush

Professional Losers

By Thomas Hauser Kenneth Bentley is a professional fighter. At least, he says he is. Professional Losers

Mayorga-Forrest and the Golden Era

By Thomas Hauser This weekend's fight between Ricardo Mayorga and Vernon Forrest brings an interesting phenomenon to the fore. Mayorga-Forrest and the Golden Era

James Toney Reaches For Glory

By Thomas Hauser On October 4, James Toney will step into the ring with Evander Holyfield. James Toney Reaches For Glory

Lewis-Klitschko and Other Happenings

By Thomas Hauser Lennox Lewis almost gave away the heavyweight championship of the world on Saturday night. Lewis-Klitschko and Other Happenings

Tami Cotel

By Thomas Hauser
When Lennox Lewis (pictured) and Vitali Klitschko meet in the ring on June 21, one of the most important people in the arena will be a 48-year-old woman with long brown hair wearing jeans and a form-fitting top. Tami Cotel is the production coordinator for HBO Boxing, and virtually everything that happens on fight night will bear her imprint. Tami Cotel

Gatti-Ward III: Postscript

By Thomas Hauser Two careers ended in Atlantic City on June 7th. Gatti-Ward III: Postscript

Al Gavin

By Thomas Hauser On June 7, 2003, Arturo Gatti and Micky Ward will face off for Part Three of their Club Fight Trilogy. Al Gavin
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